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Reports have it that MTN Nigeria, Nigeria’s biggest network operator has paid part of the fine sanctioned by NCC due to issues on unregistered SIM cards. MTN is the biggest telecommunications firm in the country and if I’m not mistaken, it’s the most used network operator in Nigeria.

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We were all aware when MTN Nigeria was fined a huge sum of ₦1.04 trillion last year by NCC. The fine was later decreased to ₦330 billion to be paid in six installments over a period of three years. This was due to their failure to disconnect over five million unregistered subscribers on the network within the stipulated time. As at then, unregistered SIM cards used by subscribers was an issue of concern to security.

Well, it has been reported that part of this fine has been paid by MTN Nigeria to the National Communications Commission (NCC). The operator recently made a payment of ₦30 billion. It had already paid ₦80 billion of this fine which now totals the sum paid by MTN Nigeria to ₦110 billion. This means the amount left for MTN to complete the fine is ₦220 billion.

 “MTN has paid ₦30 billion as part of the fine. The payment is in furtherance of the agreed timetable for payment of the total fine,” said Tony Ojobo, spokesman of NCC.

By 2019, the telecommunications company is expected to completely pay the fine. This is to say that after every 6 months, it is expected of MTN Nigeria to pay ₦55 billion about four times till it’s completed.

We must probably be wondering why the fine was decreased. The fine was decreased in an agreement with the Nigerian Federal Government that allowed the telecommunications firm to enlist its shares on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE).

The NSE listing has not come into being just yet. Unsuitable economic conditions and regulatory dispute which needs to be resolved are reasons why they haven’t gotten this enlistment yet. MTN Nigeria has taken appropriate measures to tackle these issues.

Sincerely, I hope the customers don’t get to suffer more charges from the network operator. I also hope MTN Nigeria will pay up the fine quickly.

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