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The MTN Data plans page at will continue to serves the MTN Nigeria  internet subscription codes for all our readers that make MTN as their choice merchant in the ISP market. For the cheapest internet code for Airtel, our readers are advised to visit this page regularly, to avoid paid more than necessary while subscribing for any data plans that has to do with Airtel network in Nigeria

TechProducts have notice that some ISP will make some subscription for a little amount far more cheaper than subscribing for a larger amount, this type of fraud have been noted and confirmed especially on MTN network subscriptions and Etisalat too. For example, to buttress my point, 3.5G goes for #2000 with Etisalat network, with the latest subscription that was just announced last week while at the same time 8G goes for #8,000 at the same time. Can you imagine? This not just etisalat matter, these type of things, happens in all the networks

Techprodcts highly welcome this new competitions among our GSM providers, because this is what we have been looking for years, for internet data to be made cheap, available, this new competition as the result of 4G network that have been made available by nTel Nigeria. Nigerians who depend on internet before they can perform their daily works, should thanks Ntel for this newest competitions among our service providers. It also worthy to note that, MTN 4G lite to be made available by July in Nigeria this is a great news if you ask me, while we are happy for this news, we hope it would be unlike Ntel, where the 4G lite is only made available for only people who stay in Lagos, Abuja and Portharcout. We hope it goes round when is finally made available. You can check MTN data plans for the latest news on subscriptions on it


Finally, while the amount used by Nigerians to subscribe is going down, we hope these GMS providers can improve on their network speed, where I stay, I cannot be proud of any of the GSM service providers, the worst as of today in Ilorin is Glo, I have called them tired for more than 18 months with their 121 customer service, yet no improvement while the one I can still manage to use is Etisalat. These guys need to stop the price competition first, we have heard enough of it, and work on their service delivery. Nigerians are not fool, no matter how cheap your data is, if the uploads and downloads speed is nothing, Nigerians will dump you for good. Enough of the price competition now, it is time for speed.


Latest MTN Data Plans, Price, And Codes In Nigeria

MTN Data Plans For Pulse It Offers 4GB For 2k. Here’s How To Activate It

With all the ‘revolution’ of sorts going on in data costs, a plan like the MTN Pulse could easily fly under the radar and go unnoticed by most people. I can understand all the excitement. It all started with the Glo network offering 1.5 GB of data for N1k. This wasn’t even a Blackberry plan where you can get more data at the same price. That must have being one of the reasons a recent AllAfrica report suggested that Glo network gained more data users than all other networks.

MTN Pulse

Airtel’s data plan for Android was until a few days ago priced at 1GB for N1k. Now it is 1.5GB for 1k for 30 days. The good thing about this is that the burn rate of the data is normal. Unlike the other MTN data plans where you get charged double the data you actually use. Sometimes, the burn rate is so arbitrary you don’t even know where you stand. Same thing with Etisalat where they get away with ‘zapping’ your data because the network is fast and excellent most times.

Maybe it is in response to Glo’s data packages that all the other networks are busy giving more data at the same price. For instance I just got a message from Airtel that with N500, I can get 750 MB with a validity of two weeks. MTN data plans at that price has a validity of just 7 days. I was tempted to try it and see how it goes when I saw the MTN data plans for Pulse ad on some website. The ad said something about getting 1GB with just N500 for 7 days. I did some fast calculations and liked the results I got. So with just N2k, you get 4GB for 30 days validity. Compare this against MTN data plans latest offer of 3.75GB for one month’s validity at N2000. So I decided to explore what this MTN Pulse is all about.

MTN Pulse is a prepaid tariff plan where you get to call all networks for 11k/sec. To enjoy that tariff you need to spend N10 daily. The plan is targeted at the youths and the young at heart.

Services Under MTN Pulse

Other benefits on MTN Pulse include
– music streaming on Music+ at N10/day.
– Night browsing between 12am and 4am at N25/day. The data limit here is a whooping 500MB.
-Data bonus on recharge. The data bonus is 20MB for any recharge from N200 and above once a week. A recharge of less than N200 attracts a bonus of 10MB. The data bonus valid for just one day. Too bad.

100% Data Bonus on Activation of 500MB Weekly Bundle

That is what piqued my interest. To activate the the 500MB weekly bundle
-load your MTN line with at least N500
-make sure you are on MTN Pulse. To migrate to MTN data plans for Pulse section text 406 to 131 or dial *406*1#. Migration is free.
-then subscribe to the 500MB weekly bundle by sending 103 to 131 or by dialing *406*2*2#. Or you can dial *406# and follow the prompt on your screen. N500 will be removed from your account and 1GB of data valid for 7 days given to you.
– to check the data balance send 2 to 131 or dial *131*4#.

And that’s it. You now have 1GB to use for seven days. According to MTN data plans managment, the plan allows you to re-subscribe several times if you want to. The new data would be added to the previous data and the validity extended by another 7 days. So in theory you could get 4GB with a validity of 28 days in just one day if you subscribe and re-subscribe 3 more times. Again, that is 4GB for N2000 which is more than any other offers in all the four networks.

You can get more information about MTN Pulse from the FAQs page. This is a good one from MTN I must confess. What do you think?

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