MOZILLA, the non-profit oriented organization in charge of maintaining the Firefox browser has undergone a significant renovation that seem to be an all-round turnaround of the company – for the better of course. The changes goes round almost everything; their logo, font, color palette, language architecture, and even imagery.

Of the most outstanding change is the change in the company’s logo. In the new logo, the letters “ill” in the Mozilla name have been replaced with the colon and slashes that form any web address. In clearer terms, Mozilla is now Moz://a.

According to the company,

Our logo with its nod to URL language reinforces that the Internet is at the heart of Mozilla. We are committed to the original intent of the link as the beginning of an unfiltered, unmediated experience into the rich content of the Internet.

The font for the wordmark and accompanying copy lines is Zilla. Created for us by Typotheque in the Netherlands, Zilla is free and open to all.”

The second change in Mozilla’s restructuring activity is the color palette. Mozilla’s colour palette have received a change as well and the new pallette, according to Mozilla, distinguishes their brand from its contemporaries. Color flows into the logo and changes according to the context in which the logo is used.


What do you say about the new Mozilla, sorry, Moz://a logo? Yay or Nay?

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