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According to a report released by Frost and Sullivan, the estimated worth of market tower services in Sub-Sahara Africa is pegged at $991.7 million.

Frost and Sullivan is a research and consulting company that aims to help clients in the technology industry to achieve growth by examining the impact of economical trends on the industry, and also examining the business model of the industry.

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The report that stated the estimated worth of the market tower services in Africa was titled “Sub-Saharan Africa Mobile Telecom Infrastructure Market, Forecast to 2021Fros”.

Sub-Sahara African mobile network operators “are gradually becoming more open to selling off their infrastructure, or outsourcing its management,” according to the Frost and Sullivan report.

Experts have made it known that over 38% of mobile network operators in Africa are now owned by tower management companies, as the mobile network operators aim to establish growth by also sharing network infrastructure. The statement above was affirmed by Laura Graves, Managing Director for Africa at Tower Exchange.

“In Sub-Saharan Africa there have been over 30 tower transactions of scale and 38% of sub-Saharan Africa’s towers are now owned by independent tower companies,” said Laura.

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The growth of the active infrastructure sharing that mobile network operators are involved in with the independent tower companies is on the increase.

A statement from Tower Exchange read, “Tower companies have tended to focus on tier one MNOs (who have better credit ratings) as their clients. A further threat to independent tower companies comes in the form of active infrastructure sharing, whereby MNOs share the antennae hanging on towers, not just the tower.”

Mobile firms that are involved in active infrastructure sharing on independent tower companies used to view network infrastructure sharing as a means of advantage. Well, that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore, as the network infrastructure sharing has now been embraced.

Despite the increasing growth in the network infrastructure sharing, reports have it that some mobile operators are still adamant to switch to the network infrastructure sharing.

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