Meet Monkey post, ChopUp's new game'

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Nigerian-based mobile games developer, ChopUp ( ) , just released the trailer of their new street football game, Monkey Post.

ChopUp, a division of Pledge51 Ltd is a leading mobile gaming company in Nigeria developing locally relevant games that tell the African narrative. They have just come up with another game which has its root in the Nigerian streets and this one is called ‘Monkey post’.

Meet Monkey post, ChopUp's new game
Meet Monkey post, ChopUp’s new game

Monkey post is a football game with its own peculiar style. Well, rules are usually adjusted as the players or gamblers deem fit for the occasion, so you can’t say it has a standard set of rules. The game can be played four-a-side, Five-a-side or six-a-side, depending on available space. Sometimes, stones are used to create goal posts, but there isn’t a goalkeeper.

Everyone is a player and run around the pitch, which is usually not larger than a basketball court. Players are meant to move the ball on one touch or learn how to shield the ball and dribble through some very narrow spaces.


ChopUp’s Monkey Post starts the player off with a newbie team and allows the player to customise the team name, logo, jersey etc. The player can then upgrade each team’s skills as they progress in the game. Users can earn ChopUp coins, upgrade their players, build their teams and take on the best teams to rank high on the leader board.

Below are some of the features of this new game.

1. A great user interface and user experience with realistic arcade sounds
2. 4 player levels, where each level determines quality and strength of player’s team.
3. League mode with 4 leagues (Local, State, Continental, and international)
4. Tournament mode with 9 tournament matches per player level
5. Leader board that shows players street credibility and position alongside other players in the game.

Other games by ChopUp include MamaPut, Jagun; Clash of kingdoms, Adventures of baba laisis amongst others. We are hoping Monkey Post would be met with a great reception by this Nigerian Gamers. What do you think about Monkey Post? Would you want to give it a try?

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