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With the upsurge in the use of mobile phones, mostly smartphones, amongst the entire world populace, one would have saw this coming. It seem like people are getting a little bored sitting in a particularly position to gain access to the internet. Everyone – including me – prefers to make use of something handy and mobile which I can take to anywhere I like – even to the rest room – and still gain access to surf the net.

According to a recent study by an internet monitoring firm, StatCounter, the combined traffic from mobile and tablet devices tipped the balance at 51.2 percent, vs. 48.7 percent for desktop access, marking the first time this has happened since StatCounter began tracking stats for internet usage. This means that more users around the world are accessing the internet from mobile devices than from desktop computers

Internet usage 2009-2016
Internet usage 2009-2016

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In emerging markets like India, – Nigeria is also an emerging market – StatCounter found that mobile platforms are far and away the method of choice for internet access, where they account for 75% use.

Well, I am not a bit surprised by this because even if we take an informal survey while walking on the street or doing our normal business on any given day, we will discover that the number of people holding a phone which has the ability to connect them to the internet is very alarming. Now, it is very unlikely that these people have a desktop at home. As a matter of fact, just a few would have one. I guess we can say same for India.

Mobile internet usage
Mobile internet usage

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Moving to the more mature markets including the UK, the US and Ireland, StatCounter  still saw use swinging in favor of desktop, but the trend is still showing a narrowing gap.

As said, they are more mature markets but I am predicting that on two to three years, maybe even less, the use of mobile devices to access the internet would have skyrocketed and the use of desktops won’t even be able to compare.

Mobile internet usage
Mobile internet usage

Recall that Google also revealed that more searches through its engine are being conducted via mobile platforms than on desktop as of last May. Well, it is expected when every Ciroma, Babatunde and Chukwu knows what Google is, and they don’t have a personal system, just a small range phone, or possibly a smartphone, that would connect them to Google in just a click. The wide trend of “ask Google” when they ask their friends questions isn’t helping matters as well.

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Well, let us ask you this… what device do you use to access the internet mostly? A mobile device or a desktop.

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