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Mintrics, a video analytics platform indigenous to Egypt has raised funds in order to expand its services and to widen its reach across Egypt and across Africa. The funds were raised from Dubai-based venture capital seed fund, Numa Capital.

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Mintrics analyses the performances of videos across the internet. The startup helps content creators analyse their video content on different social medias such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Instagram and give the content creators feedback on how the videos have performed. In simple words, Mintrics does what we term “video analysis”. Mintrics analyses how creative the content is, and how effective the video is in advertising.

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Currently, over 500,000 videos across several platforms such as Disney AJ+, American Idol, BuzzFeed and some other internet platforms are being analyzed by Mintrics.

Jamal Al-Mutarreb Said, Managing Director of Numu Capital lauded the innovation and growth rate of Mintrics, adding that the social video ads is becoming a “thing” in the computer age.

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“The decision to invest in Mintrics was easy – this is a start-up that has very high-growth potential, a very unique technology and a solid team behind it,” said Jamal.

He added, “It’s not big news that brands worldwide are putting more money into social video than ever before. In the US alone, social video ad spend is expected to reach US$ 4 billion by the end of this year. With all this money,it’s absolutely imperative for brands to measure in detail.”

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The funds received by Mintrics is the second investment to be given out by the Dubai-based venture capital seed fund, Numa Capital to an Egyptian startup this year. The first investment given out by Numa Capital was to Bosta, an on-demand delivery service.

The startup – Mintrics won the Dubai Lynx 2017, and as a result of such will represent Egypt this June at International festival of creativity, Cannes Lions.

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