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Microsoft has announced a partnership with a non-governmental organisation – The Future Project to launch Accelerate LABS. Accelerate Labs is a program that Microsoft and The Future Project organised to help train about 2,500 Nigerian citizens and startups in the field of technology.

The program is expected to start in this present month – September and will run through a course of three months where the individuals and startups will be trained and funded.

“Microsoft recognizes the creativity and intelligence of young Nigerian minds, which fully informs our support for this initiative to empower startups in realizing their full potentials, while also boosting the local economy through education, employment, and entrepreneurship,” said the Chief Technology Officer (C.T.O) of Microsoft Nigeria, Mr. Hakeem Adeniji-Adele at the Lagos event.

The Microsoft C.T.O went further to point out the reason for the program launch and how beneficial the program will be to those who have the chance to partake in it.

“With this project, we are leveraging on the demand for better and effective technology to teach young Nigerians how to better themselves, their families and their communities,” stated Mr. Hakeem.

Describing specifically the impact the program will have on those that choose to enroll, he said, “As part of our commitment, the company plans to help place millions of smart devices in the hand of Africa youth and help bring their SME online. Thousands of Nigerian graduates will be assisted to develop skill of which 75 percent will be supported by Microsoft on job placement.”

The Future Project also spoke about the program’s impact through their Deputy Chief Operations Officer, Mr. Bukola Adebakin.

“With the new businesses that will be supported through training and funds, there are immense opportunities to create jobs and also provide young entrepreneurs wider access to useful knowledge and strategies in building more successful businesses,” he said.

The announcement of the program was done in an event in Lagos, Nigeria which was tagged “Activating Small and Medium Enterprises”.

Seeing the growing impact technology is having in the world today, it’s very idealistic for more programs that aid technology improvement should be launched by the top bodies in the field.

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