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If you enjoy doing Skype, this news should get you excited. Skype for Web has added new features to make it better. The best of which is the ability to make calls to mobile phones and landlines.

skype for Web

It was just last year that Skype introduced the Skype for Web services as part of a revamped Skype. This was to make it easier to use Skype anywhere you are. Basically, Skype for Web made it possible for a Skype account holder to have video chats with anyone without having to download the Skype application to a computer.

Since the introduction of the Skype for Web, it is obvious that the Skype team have being hard at work analyzing users’ feed backs to make the service better and more exciting. I stopped using Skype a while back, but with these new features, I guess I would give Skype another shot. Even if it’s just to enjoy these new features for a while.

Here is a summary of what the new Skype for Web new features look like:

1. Call Mobile phones and Landlines
When Skype first came, using the VOIP technology, it was predicted that pretty soon, calls between phones would be obsolete because VOIP calls are cheaper and better. Several years down the line, this Skype Eldorado is still not in sight mainly because Internet connection is still not very reliable and mobile phones are getting so smarter we can’t do without them.

For those who have a Skype for Web account, they can now call mobile phones and landlines anywhere in the world at lower rates. All one needs is a Skype credit or a subscription. Once signed into your Skype for Web account, simply click the phone tab, choose your destination, dial the number and click the phone tab to make your call.

2.Watch YouTube directly from Skype
This is a cool new feature which lets you watch YouTube videos without having to switch to your browser or YouTube app. Basically, when a YouTube link is shared, clicking it would open the video in the Skype window instantly. And more importantly, it would look, feel and sound as if you are watching it on YouTube. You get all YouTube buttons and controls like it is on YouTube. So if you are not used to Skype videos, but know how to navigate YouTube, you would find it easy using these videos on Skype. The photo below shows how a YouTube link/video would appear on Skype.

Skype for web

3.Anybody can now join a Skype chat
Now, Skype for Web users can invite just about anybody to join a chat on Skype. And you don’t have to have a Skype account to be part of the conversation. To invite somebody, all you need to do is click +NEW and in the next window click ‘Share conversation.‘ A unique URL is created for you which you can then send to anybody you feel should join your conversation. By clicking the unique URL, the recipient automatically joins the chat as a guest on Skype for Web and can contribute to the conversation.

Skype for Web now has notifications for IM, calls, videos or pictures send to your Skype account. So as long as you are signed in, you’ll get notifications about them even if you are not using Skype for Web at that particular moment.

The Skype team are really excited about these new features added to Skype for Web:

“We’re really excited to bring you all these new features and developing Skype for Web to be a fantastic Skype experience. Please do keep the feedback coming and look out for more new features in the coming weeks and months; there’s lots more to come.”

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