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Whoever said Africa can’t go places in terms of creating apps and maximizing IT skills? Such a person should sit and have a re-think. This is because Africa is having solid back up in order to take the continent to the next phase of technology. Well, Microsoft 4Afrika is the latest international body in Africa to develop the continent technology-wise.

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Microsoft 4Afrika recently opened a new technology academy in Ethiopia. The technology academy opened by Microsoft 4 Africa isn’t just any academy; the name of the academy is AppFactory Academy. AppFactory academy opened in Ethiopia isn’t the first academy to be opened by Microsoft. Other AppFactory academies opened by Microsoft 4Afrika have graduated several startups from Africa.

The launching of this AppFactory in Ethiopia wasn’t done alone by Microsoft 4Afrika. There was a partnership with Tulane University Centre For Global Health Equity (CGHE).

Now, you’ll ask what the function of the AppFactory is. I’ll answer that question in the next sentence. AppFactory helps in developing fresh IT graduates with quality IT skills, and also equipping them with enough knowledge to create standard and classy apps. In other words, you can call AppFactory an internship company because the academy does just that. IT graduates are given six months intensive internship training to develop their skills, teach them new IT skills, grant them access to real-life IT development projects, and tutelage from experts in the field.

“Across Africa, public and private sector organisations are finding it difficult to recruit capable software engineers. Many end up resorting to hiring expensive expatriates, or spending lots of money on in-house training,” said Lutz Ziob , a representative of Microsoft 4Afrika.

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He added, “Yet there are hundreds of local IT graduates who are either unemployed or underemployed, because they are deemed unqualified for these high paying opportunities. The AppFactory is bridging the competency gap for these graduates, so that they are able to take on these kinds of opportunities the day they leave the AppFactory Academy.”

Other AppFactory academies in Africa are eight; this new factory makes it nine in Africa. This new factory in Ethiopia will be located at the Kombolcha Institute of Technology (KIoT) in Wollo University.

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