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Sometimes, while taking a walk across your garden or maybe just sitting on your sofa, there is an urge to examine things in a more detailed manner. So detailed in a way only a microscope can achieve — however, you just ‘run pass’ those urge, because apparently, you don’t go around with a microscope strapped to you or in your pocket. Sometimes, curiosity may get the best of you and you improvise, but yet still such crude improvisation may not bring desired results. Then comes the question — what if you could actually carry a pocket sized microscope around and at a ‘disturbingly cheaper’ price? Yes, disturbingly cheaper I said, with uPeek a pocket sized microscopy gadget, you could equip a whole biology class with a microscope at the price of one. Fair enough, it isn’t only for biological specimens, so while you get curious of details of objects and samples out there — you can be rest assured of a having a field day exploring with a microscope in your pocket.
uPeek microscope, just the size of a credit card will comfortably fit into your pocket, no questions asked. Its virtually the answer to having a microscope at your fingertip for exploring the diversity of life, anywhere, anytime. Just like a lot of gadgets these days, the uPeek microscope works using a smart phone. The gadget which is Self-described as the first smartphone microscope ingeniously combines the functionality of a full-fledged microscope with pleasing aesthetics. It is paired with an Android or iOS app and lets you take some petty and stunningly creepy
pictures of some objects and organisms.

uPeek may be sleek and tiny but it however features some very badass specs — it small size does not mean poor hardware. It features a motorized 4-element lens which creates undistorted high-quality images and sophisticated illumination optics that put your specimen in the right light. Everything is wirelessly controlled by the supplied uPeek app which features a low-energy Bluetooth module for quick connection to your smartphone. Once connected, the App can be used to control light and focus, and of course take and share pictures and videos with family and freinds. In combination with a smartphone, µPeek offers magnification of approximately 30x –300x, depending on the smartphone used and the chosen zoom factor which is quite impressive for a microscope of its size. Talking about size, uPeek is about half the thickness of an average smartphone and not more than the size of a credit card. With this uPeek can dissapear conveniently into your wallet and available at time of convenience to satisfy your explorative curiosity.
uPeek is about the size of a credit card || Image credit : Scrona
Making precise adjustment to bring images into focus with traditional microscope may seem herculean sometimes, however with uPeek the process is done in a jifi. Thanks mostly to built-in motors, all you need do is simply place the tiny microscope directly on your subject of interest, and Viola! You are exploring the intricacies of your samples.
Tagged the “Swiss army knife of microscope” , the uPeek has raised well over $90,000 in its Kickstarter campaign. A brain child of Zurich based tech firm — Scrona — the uPeek microscope will be available for shipment later this year.

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