FYB london smart handbag

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Hey techie (mostly the females though), have you met what has been described as the world’s first smart handbag? I’m sure you haven’t. Let me introduce it to you. The handbag, in its uniqueness, comes with a lock that can only be opened with your fingerprint, or the mobile app. You also have a Bluetooth tracker that alerts you when you and your phone have strayed too far from the bag.

FYB london smart handbag
FYB london smart handbag

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Well, I would say that I am not at all surprised as I envisaged this since we started having smart cities. Then I thought, “if a city can be smart, what other thing in that city can’t be”? They just confirmed my thoughts with the advent of this smart handbag.

The FYB London, as it is majorly called also has a wireless charging feature, an anti-RFID reader pocket to keep your credit card or ID information from leaking out, padded laptop compartments and so much more. It is important to know also that it is co-founded by a lady. Not surprised too, as no one knows their needs more than they do.

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The price of this bag is About $299 (Approx. N87,000). Which I think is a very sensible price given the lots of features this bag offers. Even if it were to be more, it’d still be a fair price. Having a smart handbag would come with so much more.

My thoughts? I think this handbag might not be so much popular amongst ladies, except the ‘misstechy’ kind of ladies. But I’d want to see all your comments so as to prove me wrong in this case. Ladies have not been known to show love for such too techie gadgets like this. Only if it was for the guys.

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So techies, let us take this on and buy a smart handbag for bae.

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