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So I’m sure you all heard the twitter story about a certain @pabloayodeji who took a girl on a date, and after the girl refused his proposal, he took to twitter to rant and call her a ‘broke bitch’.

This same girl upon seeing his rants, took a bold step and refunded N5000 to him even when he spent just N3,800. So basically, @Pabloayodeji made a profit of N1,800 after Miss ORE (the girl) told him to ‘Keep the change bruh’. And that was where it all started.

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So today, some young techies decided to use their creativeness in tech and they built a web app called ‘keep the change bruh’. The app was mainly built for fun of its users, with inspiration drawn from the story narrated above. You might be wondering the purpose of the app, well, just stay with me.

Fairly, the app can be said to be “a reincarnation of the viral Bride Price App – an app that calculates the value of your bride price and that of your friends and enemies, LOL . But in this case, our app calculates how much change you can keep on a date (should you be refunded, LOL).”

'Keep the change bruh' web app outlook
‘Keep the change bruh’ web app outlook

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The concept is based on the 31% as calculated that Mr. Ayodeji made upon refund by the lady. So when you launch the web app, input the amount you spent on a date, input the bank you use, then it’d calculate how much your refund is, as a ‘bad guy’.

'Keep the change bruh' web app outlook
‘Keep the change bruh’ web app outlook

And for ladies, the app would ask you how much was spent on you on a date, the bank you use and how much you should refund the person that took you. I’m not sure there are lots of girls or ladies like Miss Ore though.

'Keep the change bruh' web app outlook
‘Keep the change bruh’ web app outlook

In less than 3hours of launching, the app reached 1,000views, which is fair I must say and shows a sign of acceptability by the populace. At least, we shouldn’t get too serious all the time, we surely should have some fun.

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So if as a guy you want to know how much you should be refunded after a date, and as a lady, you want to know how much you should refund the last guy that took you on a date, then you need to head over to and let it do your calculations for you. Let us know your results too.

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