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Lagos, prepare for flash deliveries of goods ordered. The Metro African Xpress acronym for MAX aims to one of the fastest delivery services ever to the people of Lagos. The intention of Max.ng is to deliver services at an insanely short. Read on for more details.

The startup known officially as Max.ng was founded by Nigerians whose names are Adetayo Bamiduro and Chinedu Azodoh. Remember I said, Lagos prepare, I’ll advise Africa too to get set for the classic game changer.

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The idea to offer the new package to Lagos first isn’t far fetched.Well, there’s no arguing that Lagos is one of the busiest cities in Nigeria, and even Africa as a whole. Also, Lagosians won’t ignore the fact that lengthy hours in traffic is like a birthright of Lagos. Now, the huge task before Max.ng is to deliver services within 3 hours! You’ll definitely call that impossible.

Well, unlike some other delivery services, Max.ng charges its customers based on the distance and not the weight.

Once orders are made, Max.ng issues the delivery service to its “Champions”. Champions are people employed and assigned by Max.ng to deliver services across Lagos state.

“We hated the way things are done today — you have kilograms, measuring, everyone wastes time,” Chinedu Azodoh said.

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He added, “Typically, the whole process wasn’t well-organized or well thought out, so for us we do it to simplify the process and make it easy to use our platform.”

For the interested “Champions”, Max.ng employs riders with specific credentials. The credentials include: a valid rider’s card. a motorbike with engine capacity of greater than or equal to 200cc, valid motorcycle registration documents, and knowing almost every nook and cranny of Lagos state.

Max.ng aims to extend its services to Abuja and Port Harcourt, some of the other big cities in Lagos. For the figures, Max.ng has made over 40,000 deliveries in Lagos alone.

To make an order on the platform, you just have to simply log on to their website or the mobile app.

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