LikeMoney helps you compare financial products'

Writer and Social entrepreneur. is a social financial comparison website that allows South African consumers to compare financial products like insurance, loans, credit cards, cellphones, broadband, investments and much more.

It is a free to use trusted and unbiased financial comparison network that helps you find the best financial products rated & reviewed by your friends and other fellow South African users.

LikeMoney helps you compare financial products
LikeMoney helps you compare financial products

You can imagine trying to purchase something online in South Africa or any other country and you’re having doubt about the credibility of the website or service, or maybe you need help selecting the right product which would serve you well, LikeMoney has come to take away all the stress of researching you would have to go through to get you the best financial products.

According to founder and Managing Director, Erez Atia, “LikeMoney is honest and fair in helping their customers and clients. The website provides unbiased, objective and independent information so users of the platform can evaluate the benefits of financial and consumer products,”

Compare financial products on LikeMoney
Compare financial products on LikeMoney

LikeMoney provides comparison and rates different products which ranges from Car insurance, Home Insurance, Business Insurance, Life Insurance, Funeral Insurance, Hospital Plan, Medical Aid, Motor Warranty, Travel Insurance, Money, Credit Cards, Personal Loans, Bank Accounts, Home Loans, Savings Account, Investment Accounts.

Others include Vehicle Finance, Student Loans, Debt Rescue, Investments such as Financial Planning, Retirement Planning, Share Trading, Unit Trust, Forex Trading, Binary Options, CFD, Trading, Invest in gold, Phones, Contracts, Pre-Paid, Broadband, ADSL, Fibre, Mobile Data Plan, Travel, Flights, Hotels, Car Rental amongst others.

And according to LikeMoney, “The financial market is cluttered with hundreds of different products like car or life insurance, credit cards and loans. How do you find the best products to suit your needs? By asking those you trust most like friends and family.” – they have brought exactly this to your fingertips. It has been in beta testing since February 2016.

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