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In Lagos, most times you have a tight work or business schedule that you don’t have time to do your basic home chores such as laundry and other basic things. When you later have time to do such, the unclean clothes will be too enormous, you’ll feel like “oh no, not again”.

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LaundryBros, a laundry startup – just as its name implies is specialized in cutting short such deficiencies. The startup offers laundry services to mostly professionals who really have less for other things apart from work.

Originating from the parent startup, DeliveryBros, LaundryBros offers on-demand laundry services to clients who require their services in Lagos.

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Apart from Lagos being unarguably the economic central of Nigeria, the tight business schedule of the working class in Lagos makes the location of this startup’s operations a very suitable and promising location.

The area of specialization of the startup is basically for busy professionals. Therefore, not just any person can attempt to get their services. Let’s just say the startup offers services to the “elite”.

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The startup boasts an incredible delivery time of three to four hours after the clothes have undergone laundry.

However, LaundryBros have a superior advantage over its counterparts in the laundry business because it charges based on Kg, while the others charge based on the number of items.

Speaking on the speed at which LaundryBros delivers its sercvices, one of its team members said, “We handle the pick up of customers clothes within 60 minutes of request, drop them off at our partner laundromat for laundry and finally deliver back to the customer place all for a fee of ₦1000. Our entire laundry process stands at 3 to 4 hours, depending on quantity of item.”

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As of now, the startup isn’t on app, considering its short time of launch, which is January 18, 2017. But the services of the startup can be gotten on the startup’s website.

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