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There are many things associated with going to a hospital in person. From the environment which is not just right ( I hate the odour), to the stress one would encounter while waiting, to many other things like the harsh nurses (some though). I’m sure you would like the idea of going to the hospital, while not really going to the hospital.

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If you do, then let me introduce to you KANGPE, an online community where you can speak to as many Doctors as possible, and have a feel of a hospital, but one thing would be missing – the hospital odour.

Kangpe, the online Doctor
Kangpe, the online Doctor

What Kangpe does is enable you to ask your health-related questions online, they are thrown to over 750 verified doctors and then you get your answer within minutes. According to the website, “Kangpe doctors are able to give the best medical advice for symptoms, disease diagnosis, and treatment when you describe your health condition in a detailed manner.”

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Kangpe can also help you find a Doctor within your location. A Gynaecologist, Cardiologist, Pediatrician, Dermatologist, name it, Kangpe can help you find and book an appointment with any Doctor/Specialist within Nigeria in less than 5 working days.

Femi Kuti, a Doctor came up with the idea given the way friends and patients would constantly hit him up over text about their symptoms and he thought it would be a good idea to turn the advice he was giving out for free into a startup. Kangpe now operates in Ghana and Kenya as well, and can boast of about 60,000 users altogether. Ope Olumeken and Matthew Mayaki are co-founders of Kangpe.

So its not just the website, there’s also an app. With the Kangpe app, in addition to getting answers to your health questions, you also get daily health tips sent directly to your phone. And for the ladies, there’s also a Menstrual Cycle planner. I’m sure many would love that.

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Kangpe offers a premium service which you can subscribe to with just a token sum of N1,500. Kangpe’s premium services provides you with 24/7, unlimited access to a Qualified Doctor for a whole month. You should also know that you can access Kangpe without consuming data on the Airtel network through the Free Basics by Facebook.


The Kangpe app is currently available for android devices only. You can download it HERE.

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