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On today’s Meet Series, we are featuring recently launched startup, JOBHUNTERS.



One of the biggest startups in the tech industry presently, is Jobberman – a platform that connects both job seekers and employers together while offering other premium services too. Well, another  platform has been launched and this one aims to save us more time and the stress of looking for the well suited jobs ourselves.

The need for such a platform cannot be over emphasized especially in the face of the increasing unemployment rate in Nigeria, and Africa as a whole. The high flux of youths that flow into the job market, sometimes provide a very depressing and thought provoking number. It is therefore not alien to see that people are tapping into the opportunity to make job hunting a very easy process to carry out.



JobHunters is a marketplace where job seekers can find their desired and suited jobs, with a little bit of difference from  Jobberman. Unlike Jobberman, where you do the search of jobs yourself, JobHunters have a unique selling point, and that is the fact that they help you do the search for jobs.

Yes, you don’t have to do nada, except make yourself available to be connected to professionals who bear the burden of searching and applying for these jobs, rewriting  and submitting CVs, all on your behalf, and pay a very meager amount.

The founder of JobHunters has opined that jobseekers have actually failed to realize that the proportion of job seekers that advertise on jobs websites is still very low. He further opined that most of these vacancies are made public via local newspapers or even done internally.

So basically, what he is trying to say up there is that they have the resources and time, and are dedicated too to this course more than than you are, so you should leave the job for them to do, while you focus the whole of your manpower on preparing for the interview as that would be the main thing left, after the JobHunters have done their part.

JobHunters have different packages which customers can purchase from. It is either the N1000 package, or the N3000 package, or the N5000 . N1000 offers customers submission of their CVs to ten different job openings, while the second and third package offers much more than that.



Daniel Aribiton is a sole founder of JobHunters. He founded it even after fully knowing how jam packed the industry, and how popular job platforms are on the internet. What we appreciate is his creativity, and not just following the trend to do exactly the same thing others are doing. Mr. Daniel did his thing in a very dynamic way.

Mr. Aribiton sees himself as “just another crazy Nigerian who thinks he can change the world. A warrior by nature, lover of dark clouds, a learner, fighter and lover”. He resides in the city of Port Harcourt, while he an expert in the engineering and IT field. In pursuance to the “learner” attribute in his description of himself, he is seeking expertise and coaching in Finance, sales and marketing, strategy and planning.

JobHunters consists of a team of 3 young passionate and crazy young men between the ages of 23 to 25. One of them is a highly skilled developer proficient in python, the other, a high level business dev guy, and the last, a marketing, sales and design ninja. They are working on this product on a full time basis. A member of this great team asides Daniel, is Victor Tubotamuno.

Apart from jobhunters, Daniel Aribiton has another startup which is aimed at helping many other startup founders. helps to connect startups with social media influencers. They are capitalizing on the high price of dollar, which resulted in the upward surge in the price of facebook and Google ads, to help bootstrapping founders who have a very little or no marketing budget, thereby not allowing them to advertise their products to reach a number of customers. But this one is not the point of focus here.




City: Port Harcourt



The venture has not initiated any form of funding from the ‘venture capital for Africa’ which they are on. So, it is suspected that works on/with a bootstrapped budget.

On my own personal note, I’d say that if tech investment companies like SPARK could dedicate their funds to startups like JobberMan, they should also have the foresight to invest in JobHunters as is holds a very promising future. Also, this could  serve as a tip to tech investor, Don Jazzy to try and make some worthy investments too, if JobHunters are interested in that.



If you were following aptly, you would notice that I have been making certain comparison between this startup and Jobberman. You want to know why? It is because I do believe that this startup has the potentials to be like Jobberman and even beat it.

It is offering exactly what Jobberman is offering, only that in this case, it is being offered on a platter of platinum with very little and also no stress whatsoever attached to it. It only requires very little financial commitment which comes at a reasonable amount, and this would lead us to the below discussion.

When I said JobHunters has more potentials than Jobberman, I also meant that it has the ability to produce revenue and profit more quickly than Jobberman, which is as a result of the token to be paid by customers for the service, whereas the latter’s service comes free of charge.

If a poll were to be conducted for people to choose which service they’d prefer to use amongst these two, while basing their judgment on the ease to access them, JobHunters would be the surest bet even with the paid service.

I have to admit that I am wholly impressed at the ability of the founder and his team to pick an idea up and fine tune it, while still retaining the main purpose of the idea. In such climes as this tech industry we are in, I must confess that what is needed in everything we do or every venture we launch is only a stint of creativity, and you’d surely see yourself at the very top.

This should come as the lesson for the day to entrepreneurs and emerging founders too, there are a million and one ideas to tap from. No market is ever too saturated for creativity to launch into, as that is what would eventually get you your market share. Be like JOBHUNTERS.


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