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I once heard a quote that states, “If you don’t make money with what you love doing, you’re making a mistake”. Actually, I’m not here to compel you to turn what you love doing to a business making venture; I’m just opining that you can make a living out of what you love and also, what you do for a living should be what you love, and not just cause of the money. You’ll ask why I made such a statement instead of going straight to the gist about Drivertise.

What Drivertise simply entails is that you can use your car to make money. Well, that’s why I started with “what you love”. It’s no doubt, every car owner loves his/her car, and most car owners love driving. Now, Drivertise provides an opportunity where you can use your car to make cash just by making it available as an ads platform.

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Drivertise is a car-advertising startup that launched operations last month. The startup offers services for startups and SMEs to get acquainted with.

Now, about the medium with which Drivertise will use a car as an ads platform; Drivertise makes use of car wrappings that won’t cause physical defects or damage to the cars. So, there’s no need to worry that making money with your priced possession will cause damage to it.

Drivertise makes use of a tracking device to monitor the car’s movements. This device gets the information about distance covered by the car on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. This information is vital because it is what every firm that aims to put his firm on the ads platform will love to know. Drivertise offers three different packages. The packages are: Silver, Gold and Platinum. The packages are available to the firms that aim to advertise on the platform. The package determines how long and the areas those ads will be placed on the cars.

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For interested car owners who are willing to work with Drivertise, you can visit Drivertise’s official website. Interested firms that plan to advertise on the platform can also log on to the official website.

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