Updated inbox pages manager facebook

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Facebook yesterday launched a new feature that would be greatly welcome by Social Media managers. Especially if the social media managers are handling the accounts of big companies and in many cases medium or small companies with a large number of followers.

Updated inbox pages manager facebook
Updated Inbox of Pages Manager handles multiple social accounts

The new feature is in the inbox of the Pages Manager app which brings together all Facebook’s social forums under one umbrella. The forums to be integrated into Pages Manager are Facebook, Instagram and Facebook Messenger.

The point of the new inbox is that instead of switching between apps in your response to people’s comments and queries, Pages Manager gives you the opportunity to do all that within a single app.

So you don’t have to have Facebook, Instagram and Facebook Messenger open in multiple Windows. A media manager can relate with users on all the apps using only Pages Manager.

This app is really very useful no matter how you look at it. It immediately makes the job of social media managers a lot more easier. The question is, why didn’t anybody think of this idea before now.

Announcing the advent of Pages Manager updated inbox on the Facebook Business website, the social forum said that:

Now we’re making it possible for businesses to link their Facebook, Messenger and Instagram accounts so they can manage communications across all three channels in a single place.”

So it is clear the new app is targeted at businesses with large volume of customers.

To clarify things even further in case you might find it too good to be true, the post further explained that:

You can reply to Facebook comments, visitor posts, reviews, messages and Instagram comments directly from the updated inbox by tapping on the content you want to answer.”

Another feature of the new app is how it can help users to provide very personalized services to clients.

Updated inbox pages manager facebook
Updated inbox in Pages Manager

For instance, by tapping the a person’s name, you would be able to see all the information about the person. This information though is only available if the the person’s personal info is publicly available.

With the information, one can make an informed reply tailored to the information on the profile. That means as the social media manager, you can send targeted messages you feel is relevant to the customer.

Tapping a customer’s name would also reveal the person’s interaction with your firm; that is, if there is previous history between the customer and your firm.

How to get started with the new Pages Manager

In the coming weeks, the updated inbox in Pages Manager would be rolled out globally for mobile devices. Other devices should expect it very soon.

Updated inbox pages manager facebook
Connecting Instagram to updated Pages Manager

To link your Facebook and Instagram accounts in the Pages Manager, click the message icon at the bottom of the user interface in the Pages Manager app.

Then tap the Instagram icon. A notification would ask you to log in your Instagram details.

For those whose accounts are already connected to Pages Manager through ads, linking Instagram to the updated inbox is done automatically with your details.

Your Instagram comments and conversations would start to appear immediately in your Pages Manager inbox.

Updated inbox pages manager facebook
Connecting Instagram to updated Pages Manager

As for Facebook Messenger, conversations and chats are already part of the Pages Manager inbox.

Nice one from Facebook I must admit. Now that the idea is already out there, how about an app that would manage all our social accounts. Not just accounts related to Facebook.

I am talking about a single app that would also incorporate Twitter, Google+, Snapchat, and all the rest. I guess that would really take a lot of hard work before the various tech firms can agree to something like that.

That is just wishful thinking. But an app like that would immediately free up a lot of internal memory space on our smartphones.


image credit: web.facebook.com

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