Electric Taxi

London is raising up a pilot test of its electric black cabs through engagdet, also called the TX5, after the first unveiling and the launch of the vehicles back in 2015. The cars have 70 miles of pure EV range on their built-in battery pack, but can also go up to 400 miles using the onboard gas engine to generate the power for the battery and motor.

Electric Taxi
Electric Taxi

These automobiles reach the conditions for London’s forthcoming requirement that all new taxis on roads be technical “zero emission capable” at the start of January, 2018. The taxis also feature a number of onboard convenience features and other tech add-ons, including built-in Wi-Fi, USB chargers, a panoramic roof and six seats, plus contactless terminals for accepting tap cards and mobile payments.

This is still a car that will probably spend a lot of time guzzling gas, considering its range and the amount of travel that drivers normally do during a day in the city. But it’s a much better and greener alternative in relation to what is availably in use now, and it has the potential to get better over time.

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