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LIS – Linda Ikeji Social – is a newly launched platform by popular blogger, Linda ikeji. And according to her, the platform is “basically Facebook meets Linda Ikeji Blog meets! You can connect with friends on LIS, chat, get the latest breaking news, sell your eye witness stories to us and get paid. You can also buy and sell your goods and services from authentic buyers and sellers.”

Linda ikeji Social
Linda ikeji Social


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1. Take a web trip down to and register for free or you can sign up with your Facebook account by clicking on the new button.

2. After registering successfully, you would be asked to activate your account before you are allowed to login, after which you can update your profile information, upload pictures, personalize your page and select the news category you want.

3. Just like Facebook, You can also create a page, attract followers, view the activities of your followers and who you follow.

4. And like you always do on the Linda Ikeji blog, You can also follow latest events and happenings in Nigeria.

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5. For businesses, you can advertise your products and increase sales.

6. Linda Ikeji social is also serving as a new classifieds site. Like Nigeria’s eBay, you can buy and sell on the LIS website.

Screenshot of my page on LIS
Screenshot of my page on LIS


First, LIS is giving away up to a million in naira to the first 50 people who garners 100 followers. So if you’re looking to make yourself a quick N20,000, then try building follwership on the platform.

Secondly, this new social site is paying users for posting eyewitness stories, I.e by posting a fresh story that happened in your vicinity, you could earn yourself N1000 per post. Also Note that Stories submitted must be valid, original and doesn’t exist on other websites and social media sites.

LIS giveaway
LIS giveaway

Errm well well, I want to salute the doggedness of the brain behind LIS for even trying to take on the great Facebook – at least on her own local market. She said she was inspired by two customers who said they “only visit her blog and Facebook”.

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But what we don’t know yet is if she’ll stand the test of time. Let me rephrase, we do not know if LIS would stand the test of time.

Putting together something close to Facebook and Linda Ikeji Blog and eBay is a very nice concept, but then, maintenance is key – I hope she puts that in mind.

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