LG Lithium Polymer Battery

As the auto mobile industry advances forward towards achieving electrically powered vehicles the demand for high capacity batteries has come on the rise. Until this time most major auto mobile manufacturing companies across Europe have imported batteries from Asia.

EV Powered Car
EV Powered Car

LG is in preparation to open the largest factory for the production of lithium-ion batteries designed for use in electric cars. The facility is expected to be set for kick off in 2019 in Poland and is to be the first of its kind with the goal of satisfying the demand for high capacity batteries.  Chang-Beom Kang, the vice president at LG Chem said  “The company has chosen Poland as the most competitive location for production to satisfy the needs of European and global car producers,”

The facility is estimated to cost $1.63 million, based in the city of Wroclaw which is close to the country’s border with Germany and worthy of note in case you didn’t know, Germany is a major car manufacturing country. The company’s chemical arm plans to recruit about 2,500 people for start and estimates a production of 100,000 EV Batteries annually by next year. According to Reuters, the factory will also include an R&D center.

EV Batteries
EV Batteries


As much as this sounds big, estimates place it at about 10% of Tesla’s Gigafactory capacity for 2018 which has production supply of up to 200,000 vehicles and still aims at reaching a higher supply of 500,000 vehicles per year. With Paris ban on new fussil cars by 2030, France and UK’s aim to ban sales of combustion engine vehicles by 2040 battery production could become a major choke point for vehicle electrification in relation to the shift from current model line ups to EVs and Hybrids, so the creation of more factories will definitely help but also the problem of base materials comes in too to pose a treat in the future.

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