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Leagoo is an OEM from China that specializes in the manufacture of brilliant smartphones. Leagoo is a subsidiary of OTEDA Group. Leagoo boasts of several smartphones in its gallery but today, the Leagoo smartphone that will be taking a surgery is the Leagoo M8 Pro. The Leagoo M8 Pro is an exclusive device that takes on both the mantle of leadership in specs and affordability. Leagoo M8 Pro is a flagship smartphone from the stables of Leagoo that not only births awesome features to its name, but also births the affordability characteristic as well. Leagoo M8 Pro has a dual camera with incredible sensors at the rear, and an incredible front camera size also. Its design is one of the simplest  and sleekest designs you could ever ask for. What about the largeness of its display screen? That can’t be overlooked also. That’s it for the summary, let’s go into the main deal!


Leagoo M8 Pro is definitely a pro in this category. This is because it showcases a display screen size of 5.7 inches HD touchscreen with a 2.5D curved glass. 5.7 inches is way beyond the average required for a smartphone to have in this era of large screened smartphones. Therefore, I’ll give Leagoo M8 Pro an A grade for this feat. For the protection of the screen, Leagoo weren’t slack again, as the screen of the smartphone is endowed with the Corning Gorilla Glass 4. So, you’ll worry less about getting a glass protector, and even worry less when your smartphone accidentally falls. As its screen resolution, 1280 x 720 pixels is integrated with it for the clarity of texts and icons. The pixel density of the device is pegged at 256.75 ppi.


The smartphone, as I said in the summary is one of the simplest and sleekest design. Bearing a rectangular sleek shape, the device portrays a 154.5 x 79.8 x 8.8mm dimension. The front facing camera is placed at the top bezel of the device, which is as expected from every smartphone you can think of. Also on the top bezel, is the proximity sensor that appears before the earpiece. On the right side of Leagoo M8 Pro is the volume button as well as the power button. They are both located on the top portion of this right side. The audio jack of Leagoo M8 Pro appears on the top of the device. The rear camera is dual and are arranged vertically in a single frame as well as in vertical position to the fingerprint sensor. The fingerprint though being at the bottom position. In between the fingerprint sensor and the camera is the single LED flash. How about that for a classy look? The metal ring has no stainless steel. The body’s design was made with plastic coating. The colours in which Leagoo M8 Pro is available in are just wonderful and alluring to the eyes. The colour variants are Champagne Gold and Titanium Grey.


This covers both its internal storage and the RAM of the device. Leagoo M8 Pro also scores another nice point in the build-up of the smartphone. The internal storage (EMMC) of the device is 16GB. This ensures that the storage of files ranging from music, videos, photos and documents such as PDFs, doc. files and so on. That doesn’t end there; the storage can be extended to 128GB. With the aid of a micro SD card, the extension to 128GB will be made possible. The RAM of the device too isn;t a bad one. For the smooth running of the apps and the easy switching of the apps, the RAM of the smartphone is empowered with a 2GB RAM (LPDDR3). It will require a lot of apps beyond the normal average for this smartphone to start hanging. If this smartphone – Leagoo M8 Pro was to be ranked based on its memory capacity, the smartphone will definitely rank amidst the above average. Saying it will rank alongside the big boys will be an exaggeration.


I’m beginning to crush on this device because of this. You might ask why is this dude crushing; don’t bother asking yourself further, I’ll tell you. Yes, as you have guessed, the camera is really impressive. Let me start with the tip of the iceberg. The front facing camera, the one for the selfies gallantly owns an 8MP sensor to itself. You know that means the selfie images will come out top notch. Howevere, there’s no LED flash present for the front facing camera. The glory of this smartphone is definitely 12gig (as comedian Arole says in Yoruba “ogo awon kan 10 gig”) because of this or if I’m permitted these rear camera(s). The rear camera of Leagoo M8 Pro has two sensors placed vertically to each other. The size of the two sensors are 13MP and 5MP. So, now you see that the glory of the smartphone is really “gigilicious”. In fact, this camera is bae. Alongside the camera is a LED flash, which brightens during off-light and on-light conditions. The video shooting of the camera is 1080p at 30fps.


The chipset of Leagoo M8 Pro is the MediaTek MT6580. The CPU Quad-Core, and has a processor speed of 1.3GHz. This can’t make Leagoo M8 Pro to be ranked among the fastest of smartphones but it’s definitely a fast processor speed for the smartphone.


Leagoo M8 Pro uses the Android OS as its operating system. The version of the Android OS used isn’t the latest off the block, as the device sports the Android 6.0 Marshmallow. However, the Leagoo M8 Pro made sure that the Android Marshmallow is the basis for its Freeme OS 6.0 used on the smartphone.


Leagoo M8 Pro has slots available for two SIM cards. The two SIM cards are with the dual standby nature, that is, one SIM does not have to be sacrificed for a memory card. The smartphone supports the 2G GSM network type, the 3G WCDMA network type as well as the ever blazing 4G LTE connectivity. This is a strategic selling point of this device simply because 4G LTE is not a common trend among the most affordable smartphones in Nigeria. Other media of connectivity on the smartphone includes: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and FM Radio.


Seeing the excellent nature of other specifications of Leagoo M8 Pro and bearing the affordability of the smartphone in mind, one will start thinking it’s the battery of the smartphone that will suffer for it. You sure know what I mean. But Leagoo have actually proved those thoughts wrong by making the battery capacity of Leagoo M8 Pro to be 3,500mAh. This battery capacity is just what an average smartphone user will gallantly utilize. Heavy smartphone users will also find the battery capacity to be quite okay but in case of lack of satisfaction, a power extension such as a power bank will help to eep up with the heavy nature of their smartphone usage. A fast charge feature is also not available to the device.


Other features on the Leagoo M8 Pro are: fingerprint sensor(located at the back of the smartphone), motion sensor and proximity sensor (located at the top bezel of the smartphone).


The price of Leagoo M8 Pro in Nigeria is NGN30,000.

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