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There are a lot of organizations presently that do not that’s lunch break as something very productive but with this new partnership, Jumia Food Kenya is portraying otherwise as lunch break seems to be a very important agenda to them.

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They have partnered with Sodexo Group – a global leader in employee benefits and reward scheme to offer employers a seamless mobile solution dubbed M-Kula. So you might be wondering what M-Kula is.

M-Kula is a new payment option on the global mobile food delivery eCommerce which now gives employees an unfiltered access to Jumia Food delivery services, right at their office against monthly meal passes set up online per employee.

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According to Neil Ribeiro, CEO of Sodexo Kenya, “The new partnership between Sodexo and Jumia Food helps tackle the problems that employers face in providing meals, and allows meals to be delivered to the employees’ desks.” What could be better than food delivered to your desk at work, when you don’t have to go out to get it?

In the 2014 amendment to the Finance Act, it allows employers to give their employees Ksh 48,000 of meals per year tax free. The act also mandates the employer to demonstrate the meals provided, cost and location of consumption. It is important to note that this new solution by Jumia Food Kenya would be quite instrumental to the implementation of the act.

Now available on both iOS and Android platforms, employers can now implement the staff meal process through the platform by handing out vouchers that the staff can redeem through M-Kula.

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“All you have to do is go to the Jumia Food website or mobile app and order your meal, without moving an inch from your work desk”. This was as explained by Duncan Muchangi, Managing Director of Jumia Food.

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