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This is a very much needed move that a lot other state governments need to tap into. Everything and everyone is going ‘smart’ already and Nigeria – especially the emerging youths – should not be left behind. We should follow the trend.

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The Kaduna State Government under the Smart Education Initiative have almost concluded plans to distribute 5,000 tablets to students. This initiative was made in a bid to enhance teaching and learning in public secondary schools. According to, the tablets will be loaded with all ‘the needed applications’, and will be distributed to SSI students in public secondary school.

Kaduna State govt to distribute tablets to students
Kaduna State govt to distribute tablets to students

You might want to know the original source of the tablets. Well, it was reported earlier (2 months back) that ExxonMobile donated 5000 tablets to the Kaduna Government. It is these same tablets that the government wants to distribute to students in the estate. Little wonder we named Kaduna State as one of the states to consider, talking about technology.

Kaduna State tablet
Kaduna State tablet

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The Governor intends to flag off the pilot scheme with students in Queen Amina College, which is a boarding school for girls. He is doing this to encourage young females and foster the confidence that the education of girls is a priority for the government.

In other news, a commissioner in the state said that “We are calling on scientists and researchers to use the opportunity and access the grant.

“All they need to do is to send a proposal and if we are convinced it would solve a pressing problem in the state, we will give such a person go ahead,’’

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