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Just a couple of days after launching the Facebook group video calling feature to messenger, Zuck’s people have shown they still have loads and loads of more features coming the way of their over 1 billion users to keep them glued to the social network, as they have now launched the Facebook live audio. You can refer to it as the Facebook radio.

Facebook live audio
Facebook live audio


Video calling can be very frustrating especially in areas where there are no adequate internet connections, many of which harbors a gigantic amount of Facebook users. I want to guess that Zuck and his team saw this and decided to add something like this targeted at those people – at least, they’ll have to do something ‘live’ – and any other person who prefers people just hearing his voice than seeing his face.

Facebook live audio is just like Video-streaming on Facebook, but only that this time, there’s definitely no video.

Facebook add Snapchat feature to WhatsApp
Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO

Just like its counterpart Facebook Live videos, users can go live from the Facebook app by pressing a button. Once a recording starts, Facebook creates a post using a Page cover image. The post is then pushed to newsfeeds and people can listen to the audio content as they browse through Facebook. For Android users, audio will also play if a user leaves the Facebook app to use another app or locks their phone.

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Talking about the most people who would like to benefit more from this new feature, I’d say it should be the media agencies and their reporters, journalists and their likes.

Now, Facebook is saying their Product Management team is focusing on its next billion users, and believes that recently introduced features like Instant Games, and Instant Video, and now, Facebook live audio are key to attracting a new audience while maintaining its current user base.

Facebook Live
Facebook Live

There are many questions we could ask ourselves presently, especially seeing that Facebook is seeming to be up to something big given their new and very interesting features recently launched. Questions like “could Facebook reach the 2 billion landmark”? If they do, then it could be deciphered that nearly 30% of the world population would be on Facebook. If that isn’t “taking over the world” by Zuck, then I don’t know what else is.

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  • Let us hear what your experience with the Facebook live audio is like, is it a splendid feature you need so much or just another not important feature? Share your thoughts…

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