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Jasco, a global technology solutions provider has deemed it fit to introduce more of its services into East Africa. The solutions provider is offering its carrier solutions as the latest of its products into the East African scene.

The branch of Jasco Group that specializes in carrier solutions – Jasco Carrier Solutions, makes provision of turnkey solutions, transmission equipment and services to telecommunication operating firms in the Tier 1 and Tier 2. The equipment and services provided by Jasco include: small cell, WiFi services, 4G, 5G et al.

Jasco Carrier Solutions, while operating out of Kenya will concentrate on providing more solutions related to the Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) fibre optic. The company will also concentrate on offering Outside Plant (OSP) products.

Speaking about the expansion of the company’s reach in East Africa, the Executive Head of Jasco Carrier Solutions, Martin Ferreira stated that offering more of its services in the East African setting is aimed at increasing the growth of the region technologically.

“Africa is becoming more fibre oriented and much of East Africa is behind in terms of fibre deployments, despite the fact that several undersea fibre cable operators terminate into countries such as Kenya,” said Ferreira.

In furtherance Ferreira added, “There is a general move in the East African region towards improving their broadband footprint and extending these fast fibre capacities inland. Our carrier solutions are geared towards enabling this growth.”

Ferreira stated, “East Africa is geared to leapfrog the rest of the world with the implementation of new technologies as they roll out their connectivity. Due to bandwidth landing on their shores, their broadband services should be fast and effective – they just need a way to distribute it to businesses and residential areas further inland.”

According to Ferreira, the extension of the company’s services is also backed up with the notion of investing its resource in partnerships and innovations locally.

“We will have an in-country Jasco Carrier Solutions sales person, however, we will also be investing in the country by employing local sales people in the Kenyan office. In addition, we will leverage partnerships with local technology companies in Kenya to deliver services and build on the skills currently located within East Africa, ensuring that the competencies for implementing and maintaining East Africa’s broadband network remain within their borders,” Ferreira added.

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