Iyin Aboyeji and Andela Co Founder at Andela Company in Nigeria

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Iyin Aboyeji and Andela Co Founder at Andela Company in Nigeria
Iyin Aboyeji and Andela Co-Founder at Andela Company in Nigeria

A report reaching us has it that one of the most important figures in Andela, a company just got 24Million dollars from Zuckerberg is leaving to start is his own business. Wait, before I continue, Aboyeji will still continue to remain with Andela in an advisory role in the company co-founded with his Kenya partner.

And here is a shocker, his new idea, flutterware, had started receiving investment from top financiers in both South Africa and Silicon valley even though none has actually known the company. This is what I do say that, once you are successful once, most other things become too easier for one.


Iyin Aboyeji in his letter sent to Andela had this to say

Despite all the entrepreneurial spirit and expertise in Lagos, businesses still have trouble conducting transactions that are an afterthought in most of the world,”

“It’s a problem that is prohibitive to the future growth of the continent, and one that I felt I could no longer ignore. So I decided to do something about it.”

His new company has also received some major funding from Silicon Valley’s Y combinator, South Africa’s CRE VC, and VCFintech, and has even started operations in Lagos and Accra.

Although he would still retain an advisory role with the company, his major focus would be on his new startup – Flutterware, a platform that facilitates the aggregation of different payment methods for merchant banks and money transfers across Africa.

This news was via QZ,

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