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Facebook, through its VR Unit, Oculus recently announced a not so cheap $600 price tag for its Rift VR headset. Samsung had already done the honors a little longer ago with a $100 retail price. Though Facebook’s Rift is, in my opinion, far more immersive than the the Gear VR, but the hard truth remains that the Gear VR is the best VR headset you can actually buy right now. Forget the fact the more cooler PC tethered HTC Vive and the Rift make the Gear VR fizzle out in comparison, the Gear VR has rich contents and a promising future.
Samsung gear VR
At the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2016, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg made a rather surprising move by by appearing on stage for the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event. And don’t worry, he wasn’t there to talk about Samsung’s latest smartphones or about the possibility of using multiple accounts with Messenger, his time onstage was all about virtual reality. The tech WizKid revealed that his company will be bringing its dynamic streaming technology for 360 video to Gear VR.
And just so you know, in case you didn’t; you may be wandering why Zuck would be hyping a VR headset that could possibly be a competition for its Rift VR headset. Well, here’s the deal — The Samsung Gear VR is powered by Oculus. To put it simply, it is supported by and uses Oculus technology and Oculus is, for the record, a Facebook VR unit.

The dynamic Streaming technology allows significant performance upgrades to streaming content by only playing back what’s in view of the headset at any given time rather than processing the entire 360 sphere of video at once. To put it simply, the technology is going to make videos streamed through the gear VR as clear as possible with an awesome loading speed. Facebook will pull this off by processing and storing all of its videos in multiple resolutions. The gear VR will then only show the best possible resolution for the spot your eyes focuses on. The rest is handled as a lower resolution file that’s automatically swapped out as you look left and right. Over the next few weeks, the social media giant will be rolling out the software upgrade for Gear VR, giving it an already encouraging edge over other smartphone power VR headsets. Facebook and Samsung partnering closer together can only mean good things for the VR world, though am pretty sure potential VR competition might not find it funny at all.

gear VR

If you own a compatible Samsung device and want a wild new spin on mobile gaming, now is time to think of getting the Gear VR. With a $100 price stamp, an ever increasing list of rich contents, apps and games — you are a stone trow from a taste of the future.

Mark Zuckerberg has always maintained that there’s much more to VR than just cool apps and games. In a blog post , Facebook revealed that they’re building a social VR team to focus “entirely on exploring the future of social interaction in VR.”

“This team will explore how people can connect and share using today’s VR
technology, as well as long-term possibilities as VR evolves into an increasingly important computing platform. They’ll will work closely with Oculus and other teams at Facebook to build the foundation for tomorrow’s social VR experiences on all platforms.”
the post reads in part.

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