iPhone 8 to come with OLED display

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In a move that could be seen by users as a little late, the most recent reports have it that the iPhone 8 would be coming with OLED displays. This is one of the best displays ever and has been used on the Android platform – samsung mostly – since time immemorial.

IPhone 8 concept
IPhone 8 concept

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This has left many wondering why Apple has just decided to inculcate it in its product, which has breed the opinion that it is somewhat long overdue. Nevertheless, the point is, OLED displays are coming to Android.

iPhone 8 to come with OLED display
iPhone 8 to come with OLED display

According to the report, “‘Apple recently approved the prototype panels. More than 10 million screens will be shipped every month. This year alone, Apple has reportedly ordered 80 million screens.”

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“According to sources, the screen will use flexible OLED to cover the entire front body of the device, as against the Samsung Galaxy S8’s display area ratio at 83.6 percent, along with more aggressive curvature.”

With this report, android fanboys might start feeling a little funky and translate this to mean they are pace setters while iPhone follow. Well for the purpose of this news, I am inclined to agree with their judgement.

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Before now, there had been Credible reports from KGI securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo saying that All the three phones that Apple might launch this year are expected to have wireless charging, Apple’s first, which many have also opined that it is a development that is long overdue. It should have come long ago.

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  1. It’s good one. This implies Samsung phones comes with good screens. And this will improve the experience in the usage.

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