iphone touch disease in Nigeria and how to fix it

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iphone touch disease in Nigeria and how to fix it
iphone touch disease in Nigeria and how to fix it

I was surfing ‘jejely‘ on the internet I came across this news about the new Iphone 6 and Iphone 6 plus disease. Not bug now or fault, but people actually termed it a disease, so we actually have the disease in phones too. And the this iPhone disease might be coming to Nigeria soon, considering they ways Nigerians do use phones while chatting or texting

Here are the problem and probably some corrective measures I saw. Here is the best explanation of the new iPhone 6 and Plus disease. According to MissTechy  ‘The disease starts with a flickering bar that appears at the top of the devices’ screens, this bar doesn’t respond to a users’ touch. Over time, the bar grows until the whole screen is rendered unusable. The problem has been around since the launch of the phone but didn’t manifest until recently because the phones are getting older’


The caused of this Iphone 6 plus disease is not known yet, but according to a blog majorly dedicated to major faults IfixIt, the cause of the problem is on the logical board of the iPhone 6 plus; this is a segment that helps in facilitating communication between all elements of the iPhone smartphone. And according to lots of speculation, millions of iPhone owners might be vulnerable to this ailment on their phone.

Officially, Apple, the maker of iPhone, have failed to respond to this major fault, and I think when the bug begins to spread up more quickly, Apple will react in their best way they can.

Fixing this fault, for now, is in three ways, it is either you replaced the phone,  replace the logic board or replace the Touch ICs on the logic board. This is coming at a period when iPhone 7 rumours are generating frenzy among iPhone fans.


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