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In 1983 Apple unveiled it’s pioneering machine that introduced the mouse-driven graphical user interface to a wide audience, opening a new chapter in the PC space. The Mac computers we now use today borrowed most of its features from the Lisa of ‘ yester-years ‘ . Years after Apple’s launch of the product, the Cupertino based tech giant buried 2700 of the product in a landfill in Utah after it performed woefully in the market. Apple also made a game console called the Pippin ( I bet a hundred bucks it would have been called the iPippin if it were today) , and was launched in 1995 for about $600 but only 100,000 were ever manufactured ( woeful in Apple standards) and reportedly less than half of those sold. Once again I can bet a hundred bucks that les than 4% percent of my readers knew this — but of course that’s why we are here— to educate each other. From when Apple was founded in 1976 and launched its first product to when Apple products have become more of a ‘culture’ than just a product.I bring you some interesting Apple facts in figures:
* Apple inc is the world’s most valuable company, As of the end of April 2015, Apple Inc. sported a jaw-dropping market capitalization of US $772.65 billion , that’s almost twice the value of thesecond most valuable company is now Microsoft Corp. , with a market cap of US $394.03 billion. More intriguing is the fact that the tech giant’s market cap was just US $300 about 3 years ago, how it was able to more than double its market cap in less than 1000 days is nothing short of mind boggling.

* Workers at Apple’s Cupertino headquarters earns an average of US%125,000 yearly, which is well above the US’s national yearly income average. The average American family has a yearly income between $45,000 to $80,000 looks at households (An American family), taking into account individual wages data would show apple Cupertino HQ workers earn substantially more than what the average American does.

Apple's crowded store
Apple's crowded store
* There is 365 days in a year, coincidentally, Apple entertains over 360 million customers yearly in its over 481 retail stores in 18 countries. This would mean Apple stores have an average of 1 million visitors per day.
* There is empirical evidence supporting the fact that apple stores bring more customers to a mall whenever it opens a new store there. Apple increases customer traffic to other stores in its host mall by over 10 percent. This means a store with 200,000 monthly visitors would have an additional 20,000 visitors just by having a store close to Apple’s store.
* Apple’s Nanjing East store in Shanghai is obviously its busiest. The store alone gets 25,000 visitors per day. You can’t even fit that many people in Madison Square Garden in New york.
iPhone and iPad pics

* Apple’s Genius Bar serves 95,000 customers per day worldwide. For the record, no drinks are served — In apple jargons, a Genius Bar is a tech support station located inside some Apple retail stores, the purpose of which is to offer help and support for Apple products.
iPhone business

* Apple’s iPhone business is “terribly” profitable, out of every $1 million profit made globally through smartphone sales, Apple takes a huge chunk of about US $920,000. Roughly 1,000 companies make smartphones shipping millions of smartphones around the world, Apple barely ships up to 18% of that yet it rakes in 92 percent of the global profit!
* Apple ‘generously’ leases about 4.9 million square feet of space for its retail operations. Just so you know— that’s the equivalent of about 85 football fields.
*As at 2014 the average revenue for each apple store was US $50.6 million. Though more stores that may not necessarily bring equal profits to earlier ones are frequently being opened by Apple, that figure is expected to skyrocket by next year.

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