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InstaVoice Channels’ launch has been announced by Kirusa, a Telecom and social media solutions provider. The platform was launched in partnership with Telecom giants Vodacom Lesotho.

You must have been thinking the InstaVoice had a relativity or association with Instagram, I hate to bust your bubble, there’s no link whatsoever. The InstaVoice Channels Service is a platform that integrates the world of sports and the world of celebs in it.

Founder and CEO of Kirusa, Dr Inderpal Singh Mumick said, “After attaining remarkable success across Sub-Saharan Africa, we are introducing InstaVoice Channels in Lesotho. I hope that Vodacom users in Lesotho will find great value in InstaVoice offerings.”

However, the reach of the service has gone beyond the borders of Lesotho, as the service as been rolled out for operations in some other African countries [1].

Users of the platform can now get to hear undiluted, unedited celebrities voice messages when celebrities post updates. Thus, granting the users a somewhat live celebrity experience.

Excluding Vodacom Lesotho, Kirusa has partnered with some other telecommunications giant to launch the service in their different regions. Telecom operators such as MTN, Glo, Airtel among others have partnered with Kirusa on the project.

“Kirusa’s InstaVoice Channels is a unique forum that seeks to both connect fans, celebrities, and sports clubs together, through voice. The service strikes the right chord with Vodacom’s spirit, and we hope that our endeavour meets every user’s expectations,” said Mpho Brown, Vodacom Lesotho Communications Manager.

Athul Udayakumar, Marketing Head at Kirusa mentioned that the choice to select Vodacom Lesotho as a brand partner was without doubts.

Udayakumar explained, “Lesotho is home to people who are ardently passionate about sports and entertainment. Vodacom has been in Lesotho for more than two decades. Over the years, it has garnered a huge subscription base, along with trust and reliability. Also, Lesotho has a rapidly emerging telecom economy with high mobile adoption rates. Therefore, Lesotho offers a receptive audience with Vodacom as a highly efficient network provider.”

The company also states that eleven million followers, 14 football clubs, and over 150 million celebrities have signed on InstaVoice Channel.

For smartphones, the platform can be downloaded an app.

[1] The other African nations are Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo, Benin, Madagascar, Zambia, Rwanda, Ivory Coast, Togo, Burundi, Cameroon, Ghana, Lesotho, and Senegal.

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