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Instagram announces new feature for web users,

Instagram, the popular photos and video sharing platform has announced a new feature to increase its dominance in the social media world. The new feature allows web users on both mobile and PC to have the ability to view the status updates of other Instagram users. This simply means that users that don’t have the Instagram app, but use Instagram via the website now have access to this feature.

The status updates feature is what is popularly known as the “Instagram Stories”. The feature was launched last year as a dub of the popular Snapchat feature. It has to be noted that despite the fact that many online users especially the Snapchat fanboys criticized the social media’s act’ the social media’s influence on the net increased tremendously. The increase in the users on the social media platform was a hit.

Before the announcement, the Instagram Stories was available only to the app version of the platform. However, there is a slight difference between the app version of the Instagram Stories and the web version. In the app version of Instagram Stories, the users can swipe and tap from left to right on the touchscreen to view the next Instagram Story. This isn’t so on the web version of the feature. Two arrows (one pointing left and one pointing right) were included in the web version as a modification of the swipes in the app version. A click on either of the arrows will switch to the next Instagram story.

However, there’s a clause in the new feature. Mobile and PC users can view other users’ stories but they can’t upload theirs. Although, some reports have it that Instagram will make the uploading aspect possible. Some other reports also have it that Instagram doesn’t have it in their plans to include the upload access.

As that’s still under deliberation, mobile and PC web users, it’s high time you log into your web version of Instagram and view stories of other Instagram users. Just log in to and check out the Stories tab in your account.

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