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  • What intrigues us about the various apps we use each day is the new updates and features that are included time in, time out. These updates make the experience on the apps more interesting and unique. These updated features are usually released by the apps sometimes monthly or once in two months. What makes the updates unique is the ability to make each user see the app from a better and improved angle.
    There’s no doubt that the social media apps have received a lot more accolades than other categories of apps. From the likes of Facebook that gives different updates such as Safety Check; the likes of WhatsApp that give the WhatsApp Stories update; Twitter that makes available a Lite version as well as the elimination of 140 characters limit in the Direct Message category, and on and on and on. Mentioning these updates will just make us digress further. So let’s halt the digression and drop the bomb.
    The latest social media to have an updated feature is the popular social media – Instagram. Instagram has moved on from the Instagram Stories update and Instagram Live update to another feature that allows users do a dual Instagram Live Chat. What this simply means is that two individuals/friends can both share a Live Instagram video from different phones and different locations. The duo Live Chat feature will see the screen split into two once another user is added to start a live chat.
    Once a friend is invited to go on a live chat with you, the screen splits into half, and the individual will continue the live chat. People can follow and also comment just like the single Live broadcast.
    It doesn’t stop there, if you want to add another friend while still on the Live Chat, you can remove the existing friend on the Live Chat and add the new friend you want to add.
    Reports have it that the new feature has not been rolled out. The feature is still undergoing test features by a few users. However, the feature will be rolled out pretty soon. So, gear up for a huge impact.

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