Infinix Note 4 Pro( Front And Rear )
Infinix Note 4 Pro( Front And Rear )
Infinix Note 4 Pro( Front And Rear )

Well, Infinix launched a Note series to optimize our pursuit of smartness and technology packaged and wrapped up in beauty. So in the series of Infinix Notes, the infinix Note 4 pro comes fast on the heels of the the Infinix Note 4 and is one in the Infinix Note series and I dare say its quite a beauty. Sleek and smooth to see and touch, the Infinix Note 4 pro is both a smart and visually appealing phone. Indeed a combination of beauty and brains (technology).

One of the newest products from Infinix in 2017, the Infinix Note 4 Pro delivers in the same class with the other range of phones making their debut in 2017 and believe me guys, it absolutely doesn’t fall short of the techie standard that has been set for smart phones in 2017.

The Infinix phones are known to come aesthetically well thought out, smart and techie features loaded and the best part, its usually pocket friendly (yup, if you’re looking for a smart phone but don’t want to break the bank? Infinix usually has a phone for you). The Infinix Note 4 pro does not fail or fall short on any of those descriptions. It is beautifully designed with an obvious sense of aesthetics put in, with bright distinct colours that make a statement, it has a battery of smart features and well for its features, comes at quite a neat price. So, having hyped the Infinix Note 4 Pro, so it doesn’t look like I am just talking, here’s a look at its features so that you too can get a view of the Infinix Note 4 Pro.


The Infinix Note 4 Pro comes with a 5.7-inch display with 1080 × 1920 pixels (highly bright) resolution. A screen that dope deserves some protection right? Well look no further, the Infinix Note 4 Pro has a screen protected with a 2.5D curved glass. The display feature comes with a high color gamut so that colour and vibrancy is optimised. It also has a 1300 (TBD) contrast rate and luminance which together makes the screen unbelievably colourful, clear and well lighted.


A lot of times, we have people who like big phones and those who prefer smaller phones, so the dilemma is finding a phone that is the right fit, like big enough to allow you have room and small enough to be handled with one hand. The Infinix Note 4 Pro comes in just the right palm and pocket size, you can call it, just the right fit.

With dimensions of 159.6 × 78.8 × 8.3 mm.

That looks like just the right fit to me.


The Infinix Note 4 Pro slides into the 2017 tech market slaying in an array of vibrant colours that add class and sophistication. Coming in exquisite colours like; Champagne Gold, Sandstone Black, Prussian Blue and Lilac Gray.

I mean are those just colours or jewels? Those colours have me thinking of precious stones not colours.

Infinix Note 4 Pro
Infinix Note 4 Pro

Operating System:

The Infinix Note 4 Pro operates using the newest Android OS which is the Android 7.0 Nougat. Don’t worry about getting the best Apps and software’s. This phone has got you covered on the software front too.


The Infinix Note 4 Pro will not slow you down (no slow booting, no hanging and no going off randomly), this phone has absolutely no issues with multitasking and multiple open widgets because it runs on a 64 bit, 1.3 GHz pro Octa core Processor. That’s a whole lot of processing power people. Yayy Infinix Note 4 Pro.


Oh yea, this phone gets you very good quality pictures too. So don’t be bothered, your selfie will look just right!

Front Camera:

Say hello to dope selfies. The front camera of the Infinix Note 4 Pro is 8 mega pixels with an LED flash for optimum lighting.

Rear Camera:

The rear camera of the Infinix Note 4 pro is a whopping 13 mega pixels of crystal clear pictures, face detection technology, auto focus and get this people a DUAL (yes you read that right, double!!!) Led flash. Say hello to pictures so crisp you could see your reflection in them and lens wide enough to get everyone into the group picture.


Well, with so many series to watch and pictures to upload as well as files to save, we all need a phone that has  abundant storage capacity (we don’t want a phone that keeps saying, no storage space, when we want that dope picture, we took last ). Well, the Infinix Note 4 Pro delivers on this front too, coming with:


ROM: 32 GB with a memory card slot expandable up to 128 GB. Hello storage!


So this right here, is the  particular feature that has everyone raving about this phone. I mean why have a smart phone with no battery life to support your smart behaviour. Not with the Infinix Note 4 Pro is that a problem.

The Infinix Note 4 Pro comes with a 4500 mAh non removable battery. Plus, yep there’s more, it supports a quick charge of 0% to 45% in just thirty minutes of charging. If that isn’t fast? Then I don’t know what is.

The Infinix Note 4 Pro’s battery comes with the latest xcharge 4.0 technology which improves charging efficiency and reduces loss of current. So let’s get this right, it charges fast and charges well, none of that my battery charges fast but drains fast too (sad story).


In 2017, all we want to know is, how many sensors does your phone have (am I preaching good)?

Well, you won’t be disappointed with the Infinix Note 4 Pro. It comes with sensors such as, a digital compass, accelerometer, proximity sensor, light sensor, gyroscope, intelligent digital assistant (yes, your phone can double as a PA), voice control and so much more.

It also comes with a fingerprint sensor. Yes! Passwords are so 2016!! Yup why bother typing a pin and password, when you can just come close enough for contact. So yes, you can unlock your phone with just a finger contact between you and your phone screen. Plus functions such as viewing photo library, voice recording and quick opening of apps are an added feature. Yayy sensors.

New Features:

Did I mention one of the newest features on the Infinix Note 4 Pro is an astonishing Xpen which is super user friendly. The Xpen allows you record moments, write down ideas and even explore your artistic side. Plus, it only needs 20 seconds charging to work up to 40 minutes.


Well say yea to multiple connections with Bluetooth, WiFi, hotspot and much more.


All this and for about #66,000 naira in Nigeria.

So there you have it guys and girls, the full specifications and price of the Infinix Note 4 Pro in Nigeria.

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