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Popular founder and CEO of Alibaba, Jack Ma has dropped its opinion on a somewhat trending topic. As you must have envisaged in the title, the opinion seems to be controversial and many people would surely have a differing opinion.

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Jack has said that machines shouldn’t replace what humans can do, but instead, the technology community needs to look at making machines do what humans cannot. This would make the machine a “human partner” rather than an opponent.

Jack Ma
Jack Ma

In his own words, “30 years later, the Time Magazine cover for the best CEO of the year very likely will be a robot. It remembers better than you, it counts faster than you, and it won’t be angry with competitors.”

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“In the coming 30 years, the world’s pain will be much more than happiness, because there are many more problems that we have come across”.

Well, I must say that I also share the same opinion wit Ma on a robot being CEOs in the next 30 years, this is because of the trends and rise of robots in our system. But on the part where Artificial Intelligence would cause more pain than happiness, that I do not know.

With good intentions, Ma said this in a bid to encourage businesses to adapt or face problems in the future. According to him, 15 years ago, he gave hundreds of speeches warning about the impact of e-commerce on traditional retailers and few people listened because he wasn’t as well-known as he is now.

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To be honest, I do share Ma’s perpective. The moment we start relying on technology to do what humans too can do, then many people would be left without jobs in no time, which would further add to the rate and number of unemployed people we have in our present world. We should build robots to do what we can’t do instead.

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