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Malaysia’s iFlix, a Subscription Video on Demand (SVoD) service has been launched in Africa. The video streaming service has made a key entry into the African market, and it will be called ‘iFlix Africa’.

As a matter of fact, iFlix is not the first foreign SVoD to make into the African market scene. Popular Subscription Video on Demand – iROKO also has foreign roots.

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The new SVoD in Africa intends to supply millions of customers across Africa with blockbusters, soap operas, exclusive TV shows, exclusive TV programmes and many more. The service will offer entertainment from various areas of the world; from the likes of majority’s favorite – Hollywood, K-Drama, Bollywood and even Africa’s very own movie industries such as Nollywood. The Subscription Video on Demand service is planning to be a major game changer in the continent.

Speaking about the African market entry, the Co-founder and CEO of iFlix, Mark Britt stated that iFlix Africa aims to provide quality video service to a large portion of the African continent.

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“The establishment of iflix Africa represents an incredibly exciting step in iflix’s growth story. As Africa transitions from the margins to the mainstream of the global economy, there is a unique, ‘once in a generation’ opportunity to fundamentally shift the way a billion people consume and enjoy content,”  explained Mark Britt.

He added, “By 2020, Africa will have 720 million smartphone users. We aim to meet the entertainment needs of those growingly connected viewers.”

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The Malaysian SVoD also provides features such as simultaneous streaming on two different devices, offline streaming and subtitles in English. The service can be accessed on phone, laptops or tablets.

iFlix Africa will be headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa. Although, that doesn’t limit the service’s operations to South Africa only. iFlix Africa’s services will soon be made available in other African countries such as Nigeria, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Ghana and Tanzania.

Image Credit: TechCentral

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