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The main aim of a lot of smartphone manufacturers is to achieve a notable growth in this industry and grow the number of sales they make each year. At the official launch event in China for its Nova and Nova Plus smartphones, the chinese phonemaker, Huawei celebrated shipping more than 100 million smartphones in 2016, two months before the year ends. It took Huawei the whole of 2015 to accomplish the same milestone, so clearly growth has been achieved.

Huawei logo
Huawei logo

Not just the smartphone shipments was an impressive figure. Other figures such as 1.5 million Honor 8 phones sold globally and 6 million Huawei P9 shipments in less than five months, China’s top mobile player has more than just one reason to party. Having conquered the domestic market, Huawei is interested in becoming the world’s biggest smartphone maker by volume.

Huawei Honor 8
Huawei Honor 8

The company whose first major breakthrough came in 1993, when it launched its C&C08 program controlled telephone switch which was by far the most powerful switch available in China at the time will introduce the specs-intense Mate 9, a phablet to be available in flat and curved screen variants.

Reportedly, the smartphone will feature the company’s latest Kirin processor, along with up to 6GB of RAM, a dual camera setup, and fast charging technology that takes the battery from zero to 50% in just five minutes. It is also rumored to have as many as nine color variants, which seems fitting for Huawei’s grandiose plans.

A lot of people have commended Huawei for releasing the Huawei Nova and Nova plus, expecting it to compete very favorably with other mid range phones.

 Huawei releases Nova and Nova plus

Huawei releases Nova and Nova plus

In April 2011, Huawei announced an earnings increase of 30% in 2010, driven by significant growth in overseas markets, with net profit rising to RMB23.76 billion (US$3.64 billion; £2.23 billion) from RMB18.27 billion in 2009.

In 2010, sales outside China continued to be the main driver of Huawei’s business. Overseas revenue rose 34% to RMB120.41 billion in 2010 from RMB90.02 billion in 2009, fueled by regions including North America and Russia. Revenues from China rose 9.7% to RMB64.77 billion, as the country’s big telecom operators reduced their investment last year.

With all these figures, it is no doubt that Huawei is no new kid in the smartphone industry and even Google’s smart phones cannot be compared. But the question is, will they ever compete fully with the main industry giants – Apple and Samsung? What do you think?

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