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The smartphone OEM – HTC is well known for their mega smartphones that are launched into the smartphone market to not only wow the users but also to leave an impressive mark of HTC’s legacy. These smartphones don’t come cheap either, and they are known to be sophisticated flagship smartphones. However, HTC launched a device into the smartphone market a budget device that’s kind of on the average when considering the specifications. The device been referred to right here is the HTC Desire 555. HTC Desire 555 has an average screen size of 5.0 inches and a battery size of 2,200mAh – now you se what I’m referring to as the average nature of the smartphone. However, HTC retained their level of top class and being updated by ensuring the operating system is the Android Nougat.


HTC Desire 555 has an average screen display size of 5.0 inches. Its pixel resolution is 720 x 1280 pixels, that ensures clarity of the texts and images. The pixel density lies at 294ppi.

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The front camera of the device supports a 5 megapixels sensor that’s void of a LED flash. The rear camera of the device sports an 8-megapixel sensor with a LED flash for brightening images at on-light and off-light conditions.


The battery of HTC Desire 555 is a not so impressive 2,200mAh. Well, considering the fact that the smartphone is a budget device, it’s not so bad from HTC. However, to state the very obvious, the battery capacity can be extended with the use of a power bank.

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A 2GB RAM is what the HTC Desire 555 carries for the smooth running of apps and switching between apps. As for the internal memory category, the HTC Desire 55 has a 16GB capacity for the storage of files such as music, videos, documents and so on. A special feature of the storage of this device is that it can be expanded up to 2TB. Just think of the prospects of having such a large storage capacity at your disposal. Sweet Christmas!

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