HTC 10

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HTC has just made it public that their latest flagship phone would be unveiled to the world on the 12th of April. For now, nobody is sure what the device would be called. All we know is that the number’10’ will feature prominently. It could be just HTC 10 or if they decide to follow the tradition of the past years, it would be called HTC One M10. Clearly marking it out as the successor to the One M9.

HTC 10


But HTC might want to make a clean break with the M series and just remove the M from the name. It won’t be surprising if they do that. HTC M9 performed badly in the market. It was so bad the quarterly results for HTC for the year just ended showed the company suffered a big loss. The loss was remarkable if it is compared to the same period two years ago when the balance sheet was very healthy on the back of impressive sales from HTC M8.

Many thought HTC would announce the new flagship at this year’s Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona. But HTC held off and left the field to Xiaomi, LG and Samsung to steal the show with their flagship devices. Was HTC afraid the other devices would overshadow it at the MWC? If that is the case, they are not confident about the HTC 10 matching up against the other three. Or perhaps, they were trying to avoid the marketing disaster that was the launch of the M9. The M9 was released at about the same time as Samsung Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge. Naturally, the world’s attention got fixated on Samsung’s flagships.

So what do we know about the HTC 10? A lot actually. Since the beginning of the year, all sorts of leaks from very reliable sources and rumors had flooded the Web. Right now the the HTC feels like a very familiar phone. For starters, the physical design of the phone is going to be very different from the M9. It is going to be either a 5.15 inch QHD display with a resolution of 2560×1440, or a 5 inch Super LCD 5 display at the same resolution.

HTC 10

The body of the HTC 10 is likely to be a unibody phone made from aluminum. Of course unibody implies the 3000 mAh battery is going to be non-removable. There is going to be Quick Charge 3.0 feature to make charging faster. Reverse charging is also available implying you can use the phone to charge other phones.

Under the hood, we expect the HTC 10 to go with Qualcomm’s latest chipset, the Snapdragon 820, and like most 2016 high-end flagships, it would have a RAM of 4GB but a rather modest internal storage of 32GB. However, the microSD slot can be used to expand the storage by a further 200 GB.

For the camera, HTC promised that it is going to unleash a world class camera on the world. Well, we just have to wait and see how that goes. As we’ve already seen, camera performance is more than just the pixel rating. That is why Samsung was able to give the world a 12 MP camera in the Galaxy S7 while ensuring that it was sharper than the 16MP camera in the Galaxy S6. As for the for HTC 10, we know for sure the camera bulge at the back of the phone has being removed.

Other notable features in the HTC 10 are fingerprint scanner at the front of the phone and a USB-Type C port to ensure very fast exchange of data with connected devices.

Remember to mark the date, April 12th on your calendar. At 1pm London time, that is 2pm here, the launch of the HTC 10 would start online. Live.

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