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Samsung-printer now for HP printer
Samsung-printer now for HP printer

HP printing companies and copiers just got bigger by acquiring the Samsung aspect of the same business. While many organisations and firms are going paperless, it is still okay to say that HP had it’s eyes set on the future of this business. While making the announcement of the purchase of the Samsung companies, HP in it is words had this to say


According to HP’s press release, “Copiers are outdated, complicated machines with dozens of replaceable parts requiring inefficient service and maintenance agreements. Customers are frequently frustrated with the number of visits needed to keep copier machines functioning.”


The over 6000 employees of the Samsung printer and copiers company would be moved to HP and all its facility. The company is said to acquire this department of the Samsung a little over $1.05 Billion.


With this new development, it is easy to tell that HP printing business will have less one competitor to deal with.


Cheers to the two companies


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