Remotely installing android apps on phone with pc

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I wouldn’t say the ability to install Android apps on your phone without actually touching your phone is the best thing about the Android OS. I mean, there are so many awesome features about Android it’s hard to put your finger on just one and declare it the best.

Remotely installing android apps on phone with pc
Remotely Install apps on your Android smartphone

If you do spend time on your laptop or computer a lot, I am sure you found yourself in that annoying situation where you found yourself on the web version of Google Play Store wishing you could just install the apps without having to open Play Store on your phone.

It turns out it is actually very easy to install apps from Play Store remotely to your phone. In essence, from your laptop or computer, it is easy to install apps from Google Play Store to your phone without even touching your phone. Awesome right?

To do it right, the best laptop browser to use is Google Chrome. It’s logical since Chrome and Play Store are part of one big happy family.

Step 1. Go to Play Store On your computer

Remotely installing android apps on phone with pc
Google Play Store on the web

Open Play Store on your computer and make sure you sign in with the Google account you used in signing into Play Store on your phone. In other words, the same Gmail accounts should be used.

Now you are set.

Step 2. Browse, search and select app you wish to install

So you already launched the Play Store on your computer. Browse through the apps to look for the app you want to install. This could be difficult because there are dozens of categories and millions of apps there.

Remotely installing android apps on phone with pc
Allo on Play Store

It would be easier if you knew what app you are looking for. In which case you would use the helpful ‘search’ bar at the top of the page. Just type in the name of the app you want to install on your Android device.

For the purpose of this tutorial, Google’s new Allo, which happens to be the rage at the moment, was chosen. I figured this was an opportunity to see if the hype surrounding Allo is all true or just noise. More on that someday.

Remotely installing android apps on phone with pc
Installing Allo

After hitting the search button, you would see Allo displayed prominently as the first search result. Click on it to take you to the Allo page.

Step 3. Downloading and installing

On the next window that opens, you would see the ‘Install’ button prominently displayed. Click on it.

An installation pop up window would appear. How soon it appears depends on how strong your internet signal is. But I guarantee it won’t be more than a few seconds. 10 seconds tops. Anything beyond that, you need to check your connection and make sure nothing is wrong. Then click the ‘Install‘ button again to bring up the pop up window.

The pop up window should display all your devices. Click the down arrow for the drop down menu to display all your devices. Select the device you wish to install the app on.

Remotely installing android apps on phone with pc
Select your device

Then click ‘Install.’

You would know get a message telling you that your app is being installed. Just click the ‘OK’ button.

We promised at the beginning that you don’t have to touch your Android phone using this method. However, at this point, if you are curious, you can pick up your phone to see the app being installed. You would see the installation progress bar moving towards 100%.

Remotely installing android apps on phone with pc
Allo installed

How fast it gets to 100% depends on the size of the file. After that, the app would be installed automatically. All you have to do now is pick up your device and start using the app.

What if your device is not connected to the Internet? That is not a big problem. The system is rigged in such a manner that anytime you connect the device to the internet, the installation would be effected.

So what basically happens is that the Google ecosystem uploads the file to your virtual storage pending when your device has internet access.


image credit:; austin cyril (screenshots)

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