iPhone 7 3.5mm port drilling video

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Thinking of buying an iPhone 7? Then you better take note of the name Taras Maksimuk. He is the guy who specializes in teaching you how to do interesting things to your iPhone.

iPhone 7 3.5mm port drilling video
DIY Video; drilling 3.5mm port on iPhone 7

His teaching aid is YouTube to make things easier if you don’t like reading long boring ‘How to do‘ or ‘Do it Yourself‘ blogs. And all his videos are pranks designed to lead you into destroying your gadget.

It seems Taras has just one aim: to show the world how stupid iPhone owners are. His theory is simple, if you are stupid enough to line up for hours to buy an over-priced gadget, then you are equally stupid to fall for his pranks. Or something like that.

The latest prank from him purports to show iPhone 7 users that they don’t have to buy those expensive AirPods. There is a simple way they can use their favourite and beloved 3.5mm jack headphones.

iPhone 7 3.5mm port drilling video
Taras Maksimuk the prankster

The method is simple. Just drill a hole at the bottom of the iPhone to reveal the hidden 3.5mm jack that Apple covered to make people buy the AirPods.

In the video, viewers are directed to exactly where to drill the holes. At the bottom left edge of the iPhone 7 are three tiny holes. The right place to drill is the second hole. What made this seem authentic is that in the iPhone 6 and 6s,the headphone jack was located there.

So all you had to do was to carefully drill as shown I’m the video and viola! you can start listening to music with your old headphones. No need for that expensive AirPods thing.

iPhone 7 3.5mm port drilling video
iPhone 7

Assuming, just for the sake of this piece, I had money and bought the iPhone 7. Why would I risk destroying the beauty of the phone by drilling a hole on it? Because I don’t want want to buy the AirPods?

For the records, there are many wireless Bluetooth-enabled headphones that would work with the iPhone 7.

At the time of writing this piece, the video has being watched over 13 million times. Is it safe to say a fair number of those people that watched actually drilled holes into their iPhone 7?

I want to doubt it.

I guess most people watch it just to see how that miracle can be done (see the video clip below)

In his YouTube profile, Mr Maksimuk seems to be a master of pranks on owners of iPhones. He has seven other videos all of them dedicated to destroying iPhones. If the iPhones he used are real, then he must be very rich to be destroying them.

Here is a list of some of his interesting experiments

  • Dropping the iPhone 7 plus from the world’s tallest building
  • Can the iPhone 7 survive in liquid nitrogen for 5 minutes
  • What happens if you microwave an iPhone 7
  • Does the jet black iPhone 7 scratch easily
  • iPhone 7 boiling in hot water durability test
  • Will an iPhone 7 survive survive in Coca-Cola test for 12 hours
  • iPhone 7 hammer and knife scratch test

Okay, I was really chuckling to myself while reading the headlines of some of his YouTube videos. I think his headlines are catchy though. No wonder millions of people troop to his channel to watch somebody destroying the most expensive phone in the world.

iPhone 7 3.5mm port drilling video
iPhone undergoing a hammer test

There are videos for other iPhones and Samsung phones too. The basic theme is, destroy expensive phones.

At the beginning I asked if you knew of Taras Maksimuk? If you did not, now you do. The point of the whole piece is that he is a man never to be taken seriously.

Though you have to give him to him that he found a way to make a lot of money from his YouTube videos.

13 million views?! I am sure Google would be pushing expensive ads to his latest video.


image credit: instanonymous.com; instanonymous.com; theguardian.com; youtube.com

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