CalcuBot FX Facebook Messenger bot

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CalcuBot FX  is a Facebook Messenger bot that would help you do any easy calculations right inside your Facebook Messenger. What this means is that your basic calculator app is about to go obsolete; that is, if you like doing simple sums and conversions and spending a lot of time with Facebook Messenger.

CalcuBot FX Facebook Messenger bot
Facebook Messenger Bots

If you spend lots of time chatting with friends and family on Facebook Messenger, you are doing exactly what Facebook intended for users of Messenger: spend a lot of time on the app and hopefully become addicted to it.

Actually, chatting is even the tip of the iceberg as far as the grand design of Messenger is concerned. Bots are the drivers of that final ultimate plan for Messenger.

When Chatbots for Messenger was officially announced by Facebook at this year’s F8 conference, Facebook let it known that Messenger would be the ultimate app if they had their way.

CalcuBot FX Facebook Messenger bot
Zuckerberg at the F8 outlining the future of Messenger bots

Bots in Facebook Messenger are like your friendly digital personal assistant that would do anything you asked of them. Since the F8 declaration, developers of these bots have being rushing to develop them for Messenger. For now, bots are still evolving. The world is yet to see the full impact these bots on Messenger.

It is for that reason that many people still have no idea of bots and their usefulness as powerful utilities.

I think CalcuBot FX is a good place to start your training on the use of bots. You’d be amazed at the results. I promise.


CalcuBot FX Facebook Messenger bot

With CalcuBot FX, you can easily convert distances or dimensions to what you are familiar with. For instance, I always get stuck when an American writer wants to tell you the distance between two cities.

These American writers use ‘miles‘ instead of the metric ‘kilometers’ which we are familiar with. What about measuring weight? They use ‘pounds’ there instead of the more familiar ‘Kg.’ The bot could come in handy in getting a better perspective on what they are trying to say.

Also, you can easily convert all sorts of currencies in CalcuBot FX. Cool right? Simple maths or arithmetic problems is easily solved for you. One thing I like about bots is this: using them always feels like one is interacting with humans. In this case you ask a question, you get a reply immediately.

How To Use CalcuBot FX

To start using CalcuBot FX, just head to your Facebook Messenger and open it. Then search for CalcuBot FX the way you normally search for people or events. You’ll see a list of apps and bots that correspond to your search query including CalcuBot FX. Select it by tapping on it.

That is all. You are now ready to start interacting with your first Messenger bot.

In my case, just for the hell of it, I typed ‘hi’ just to see what the bot would come back with; maybe a nice introduction with a name to start with. In reply I got this:

I’m a clever little bot that does math, currencies, conversions and tips. Send questions like 5 + 5/1, convert inches mm, 45 USD EUR, tip $55 18%, or just write help.”

CalcuBot FX Facebook Messenger bot
CalcuBot FX

You have to admit that some parts of that reply are incomprehensible. Anyway, I guess you get the gist of what the bot is trying to convey.

The screen shot above show the things I asked CalcuBot FX. I plan to put it through more vigorous tests once I am through sharing this piece.

If you are a bit confused about how to go about using the bot, just type ‘Help’ and CalcuBot FX would guide you.

For now I can’t tell if the bot can do complex calculations. I understand though that the technology is not advanced enough to handle stuff like that.

Imagine when the world gets to that stage where bots can solve complex mathematical equations? Does that mean it would be easy to be a rocket scientist?


image credit:;;; austin cyril (screen shots)

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