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Apple inc. is reportedly using its 458 stores worldwide to teach coding in its annual “hour of code” project. The Cupertino based tech giant will be utilising its global network of stores as temporary bases to teach introductory coding lessons to millions of people worldwide. The hour of code initiative is aimed at demystifying the world of coding and inspiring students of all backgrounds to consider a career in software engineering. The initiative was nursed into reality by code.org a Seattle based nonprofit organization that encourages students to learn computer science. Apart from Apple who will be holding free coding workshops for kids on December 10th, Other tech companies like Microsoft and Amazon Inc. have something similar to Apple’s workshop planned. It is supported by US President Barack Obama and UK Prime Minister David Cameron, along with technology figures like Bill Gates and Sir Richard Branson. According to Code.org’s founder Hadi Partovi, in 2013 alone, the ” hour of code” event attracted 15,000 schools, though mostly in the USA. In addition to being planned in 180 countries, the organization expects millions of students to participate in the over 190,000 sessions of ‘Hour of Code’ event.

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This year Apple is supporting the laudable initiative with coding workshops, talks from developers and tutorials from software engineers. 2015 is the third consecutive year Apple inc will be supporting the code.org’s initiative. “We’re supporting Code.org by hosting workshops and other special events for kids aged six and up at your local Apple Store. Join us on 10 December for the Hour of Code, a free one-hour introduction to the basics of computer programming ,” says Apple. The sessions that require no prior coding knowledge starts with brief discussions about computer science. And Then comes the fun part – Coding! The coding sessions do not involve your standard boring class activities or assignments — its redefined to be fun filled, with participants creating things like a ” Star Wars” galaxy. “We’ll be hosting developers and organisations that support computer science education in cities around the world. Check your local Apple Store for more details. Selected events will also be available as podcasts on iTunes.” Apple added. Apple will be providing the necessary Gadgets needed for the event.
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Apple wants an hour of your kid’s time to be spent learning codes || image credit: the inquirer.net

One of Apple’s top executive Craig Federighi said he wants to “set off a spark” in young learners with the initiative. Craig Federighi who is Apple’s senior vice-president of software engineering trying to inspire by instigated curiosity also said “That first moment of realising I could enter some commands in a computer and make it do something was a revelation”….People sometimes have a view of
programming that is something solitary and very technical. But programming is among the most creative, expressive and social careers……It’s an incredibly creative medium, not unlike music, and there’s a tremendous cross-over between people who programme and musicians.”
Mr Federighi also said he wants Apple’s global chain of showrooms to be used more often as bases for training and education. To participate in the event, you would have to Register, which you probably should.

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