Google now has a new platform designed for developers who are in need of backends and a number of services required to build, run and manage mobile and web based applications they created.The platform is called Firebase. Google during an event at Amsterdam made known a large number of updates available on the platform refer to a number of major features the service covers.

Included in this list is an integration with the crash reporting tool Crashlytics that was cultivated by Google during it purchase of Fabric from Twitter early in this year. This feature is an advanced Cloud Messaging API; which is the launch of Firebase Predictions for bringing Google’s Artificial Intelligence smarts to customer analytics and an addition of a redesigned console for running projects across their life cycle.

The addition of Crashlytics support into the new Google platform – Firebase console that is expected to also launch in a few weeks never did make sense for the Firebase platform in course of its recent releases. This also translates to mean that developers can create crash reports into into their workflows by linking them to Cloud Functions for Firebase serverless platform in preparation for more analysis.

For instance, developers who are interested in an early check at the turn out of this can opt in, in the same light the new designed Firebase console is also a pretty direct to the point proposition particularly since the services now include a far wider range of features, citing a statement “We’ve clustered Firebase products into four main areas, based on the app development lifecycle: Develop, Stability, Analytics, and Grow,” the team explains in today’s announcement. “All of the products that you’re used to seeing in the Firebase console are still there; we’ve simply reorganized things to more accurately reflect the way your team works.”

So now as a result of this update, Google makes move to expand the Firebase Cloud Messaging Service used in delivering notifications to users. A new API is being launched for the purpose of this service which will make it more convenient for delivering cross-platform notifications which could in turn only include basic text for iOS users and an additional click action for Android users.

The design of Firebase was particularly more for provision of Back-end services even though since Google acquired the service it has always progressively been clear. In a bid to expand on this the team decided to unveil a new A/B testing framework today which makes for easier to run variation test and push notification messages. This can also be done through Firebase’s remote Configuration tool but this new famework is well meshed with Analytics, Cloud Messaging And Remote Configuration.

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