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I once described Google’s Inbox by Gmail app as as a life saver if your day to day activities involves exchanging a lot of emails. I consider the Inbox by Gmail app one of the best app out there. And since I started using it, I have never looked back. And Google too seem to view the app as one of their top ten success stories, because the app keeps being upgraded to make it better and more responsive.

inbox by Gmail app

The last update a few months back saw the introduction of a search function to easily find that elusive email in the tons of emails you received over time. The use of advanced machine learning technology to automatically reply selected emails was another important feature added to Google’s inbox since it was launched in 2014. For me, the most important thing about Google’s Inbox by Gmail app is that I can undo messages I sent mistakenly. That is a very convenient feature if you use email a lot.

And Google is not yet done with their Inbox by Gmail app. Not by a long shot. Another bunch of features were added to the Inbox by Gmail app and announced yesterday. To be more specific, the app was updated with additional three new features. These are ‘streamlined events, glanceable newsletters, and saved links.’

Streamlined Events
This feature is designed for people who have to attend a lot of meetings and occasions. Think politicians and business owners in charge of several businesses with lots of departments to oversee. It can be useful too to just anybody with lots of events to attend.

Google’s inbox would now aggregate emails linked to a single event and lets you know by just glancing at the aggregated emails what new thing(s) changed since you last looked at them. To see the new changes in details, just tap open the event.

inbox by Gmail appGlanceable Newsletters
Like in ‘Streamlined events,’ Inbox by Gmail now makes it easier for users to preview their favorite newsletters and browse the most important articles as far as your interest are concerned. These feature would be useless to me though. Since I hardly subscribe to newsletters.

When you are through looking at the current newsletters, Google’s Inbox would automatically minimize newsletters so as not to clutter up your inbox.

Saved links
This feature can be very useful too to just about anybody. Sometimes, due to one reason or the other, you might see yourself emailing an interesting link to yourself to read the story behind the link later. In a day, those links can be numerous, so to easily see your links, Inbox by Gmail ‘saved link’ feature saves your links in a separate folder so you know where to easily locate them.

To do this, just share the links to the Inbox by Gmail app and the app would automatically group all the links together in the relevant folder. This feature is is also available for Chrome Web browser through the new Inbox by Gmail extension.

Google hopes that with these updates Google’s Inbox byGmail app would help,

“… organize and access the information that matters most, saving time and reducing email overload.”


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