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Google is reportedly  developing a new app to be known as Google Trips. Like the name suggests, it is going to be an dedicated to all things travel. Other interesting and useful features are included to make it look more versatile than it actually is. It is a Google app after all.

Google Trips

You might be tempted to think  Trips is one app too many. But from Google’s perspective, making a new app is just like a consumer manufacturer churning out new products to satisfy different people. You don’t have to like a new app like Google Trips, but somebody (and you better believe there are millions of ‘somebodys’ out there) somewhere would find the app really useful.

According to a AndroidWorld (the site is in Dutch, so you need to run it through Chrome’s in-built Google Translate to partially make sense of it), Google Trips would combine the best features of Google Maps and Google Now. Screenshots of the app in action were obtained from Local Guides users, which according to Google are, ‘…. A global community of explorers sharing their discoveries on Google Maps. Help others find the best spots in town, make new friends, and unlock exclusive benefits along the way.’

So how does Google Trips work? First of all the app would have unhindered access to your Gmail and scan all the information there. Then, it would aggregate all information related to travel and trips in one place and sort them out. These information include flight numbers, expected time of departure and arrival, and destination. Other information important to Google Trips in your Gmail are hotel reservations, touring plans, restaurant you booked a table at and stuff like cinema and theater bookings. Basically, all the things you might do on a trip is fodder for Google Trips.

With the collected data, Google Trips arranges your travel plans in a convenient and easily accessible package. This package containing your itinerary can be easily shared with people you feel should know. For instance, family and friends or if you are going on a business trip, you can share the info with your hosts before you arrive.

Everything is not automatic on Google Trips though. Users of the app can also manually create their travel plans and share it if they so desire. And of course, like all Google Apps, Trips has some extra features that would help make your trip a pleasurable experience. For instance Google Trips will suggests interesting things you can do nearby; interesting places to go and see; the best restaurants or the nearest fast food joint. The app is also able to direct you on how to get from one location to the next using various means of transport. Very Google mappy I must say.

Well if you are already becoming excited about downloading and using Google Trips, hold your horses for now. The app is still in the testing phase and Google is yet to make any official statement about the app. So fingers crossed that we won’t have to wait too long for this Google Maps and Google Now hybrid.


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